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Hotmail Login: Everyone knows what is Hotmail and what it does. In fact, this is the revolutionary thing at the time of its launch. This is because there is no other service which provides which Hotmail was providing. Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia are the pioneers of this Hotmail. They are the ones who knew the true value of Hotmail services and hence they have started this service in the year 1996.

History of

Hotmail has started its services in the year 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. It has garnered attention from firms and businessman. With its potential, Microsoft has bought this service for a whopping $400 in the year 1997. This is a huge transaction at that time since most of them don’t know the value of Hotmail and what it does. After the acquisition, Microsoft has launched it as MSN Hotmail. Furthermore, Microsoft has rebranded it to Window Live Hotmail. This was a part and parcel of the Windows Live suite of products. But soon, it was under the radar. After that, in the year 2013, Microsoft has relaunched Hotmail. But this time as It has got new features that its previous ones. If you want to know how to Create Hotmail Account, then check below.


How To Create Hotmail Account: If you want to have an account with Hotmail, then you have to create one. It is a very easy process for anyone to create an account with Hotmail. If you are unable to create on your own, then you can check this below guide for furthermore information.

Requirements For Hotmail Signup:

Smartphone or PC or Laptop or Tablet
Internet Connection or Wifi Connection
Phone Number

Steps To Create New Hotmail Account:

  • First, with the help of your web browser from Smartphone or PC or Laptop or Tablet, you have to open Hotmail website.
  • When you land on the Hotmail Page, you have to search for the Signup option. If you find the option, then select it and click on it.
  • Now you will land on the Hotmail Login Page.
  • hotmail sign in
  • Here, first you have to enter your First Name and then the Last Name for Hotmail Sign up.
  • Furthermore, you have to enter a username for your Hotmail Account.
  • After that, select a Hotmail password which consists of minimum 8 characters. You can use alphabets, numbers, symbols for your Hotmail Password.
  • Now, you have to re-enter your Hotmail Password, to confirm.
  • Follow that by entering your Country or Region.
  • Furthermore, enter you DOB in the next blank.
  • Now, you have to select your Gender.
  • When you enter your gender, you have to move on for your Hotmail Sign up.
  • Here you have to select your country code.
  • Next, enter your personal Mobile number which is must for Hotmail Sign up.
  • If you have an alternate email address, you should enter that also.
  • Now, you have to enter the Captcha which you see. You can also use Audio Captcha if you feel Visual Captcha is difficult.
  • Furthermore, read the terms and conditions and click on accept.
  • As the last step, hit on Create Account with which you will have a new Hotmail Account.

This is it. If you have followed all the above steps carefully, then it is very easy to create a new Hotmail Account. You will not face any kind of problems, during this above process. You have to enter your personal mobile number, which is very helpful while recovering your account, in case you loose it. For Hotmail Login process you can check below. We have given complete info for you to know the Hotmail Login process.

How To Login Hotmail Account: If you have an account with Hotmail, then you can Log in. No one else can login to your account unless they have your username and password. If you don’t know the process to Login Hotmail Account, then check below. You will see all the steps which are necessary for Hotmail Login.

Requirements For Hotmail Signup:

Smartphone or PC or Laptop or Tablet
Internet Connection or Wifi Connection
Hotmail Username
Hotmail Password

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Steps To Login Hotmail Account:

  • First, you have to go to the Hotmail Website with the help of your phone or pc from the web browser.
  • If you land on the official homepage of Hotmail, then search for the Hotmail Login option.
  • If you find the Hotmail Login option, then select that by clicking on it.
  • With that, you will land on the next page which is Hotmail Login Page.
  • Here you have to enter your Hotmail Username in the first blank.
  • Furthermore, enter your Hotmail Password in the second blank.
  • If you have entered both your Hotmail Username and Hotmail Password, then click on Login Option.

If you have entered authentic credentials, you will land in your Hotmail Account. This process is as simple as you will get.

Features of Hotmail:

1. Privacy: With Hotmail, ou will get maximum privacy for your conversations. It will never scan your emails. Not only that, it will never scan your attachments. This is certainly the best feature that you will get as a user.

2. Active View: Another best feature that you will get with is Active View. With this feature, you can interact directly with contents and also the functionality. All this within your email message which is a great feature. The main advantage of this feature is you can send pictures and other images instantly.

3. Skype Integration: Everyone knows what is Skype and how important it is. So, if you want to use without the Skype desktop client, then Hotmail will certainly help you in this regards. With the latest feature, you can make Skype call which is very useful for anyone.

Since, Hotmail has the best features that anyone can ask, you can have an account with this without any doubt. If you have any doubts regarding Skype Signup or Skype Login, you can contact us via the comment section. We are always ready to clear your doubts and queries regarding Hotmail Sign up or login.

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