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PayPal Login: PayPal is an online payments system which has operations all over the world. This American Company has got its popularity in a very less time after its launch. Earlier, it was very difficult to transfer money. But with the introduction of PayPal which is an online transaction thing, it has become very easy. Anyone can transfer money at any time. It is completely opposite to typical paper options like checks and money orders group since Money transfers are completely online. Out of many online payment groups in the world, PayPal is one of the largest and most popular. All they do is acquiring and processing online payments for vendors. While charging a fee, Paypal also does auction sites for commercial users.

PayPal has come into existence in the year 1998. But later in the year 2002, PayPal has released an IPO or an initial public offering. Later on, eBay has owned it wholly in the latter part of 2002. In the year 2014, PayPal has sent a total of USD 228 billion for more than 190 countries. During this process, they also have made huge profits of more than USD 7.9 billion as revenues. Actually, 44 percent of these revenues are complete profits which come from eBay. In 2014, eBay has announced that PayPal has plans to spin off. The plan was to turn into a completely autonomous organisation. This finally came to and end by July 18, 2015.


Ever since 2015, PayPal has started its own operations in as many as 203 markets. It has over 159 million active users who have registered with PayPal login accounts. With the help of PayPal Account, a user can send, or receive, or keep funds in currencies. These services are available in as many as 26 countries in the world where PayPal is having its branch.

The major advantage of PayPal services is one can perform electronic fund transfers among individuals and businesses themselves. It gives people the opportunity to perform online financial transactions which are impossible a few years ago. Through PayPal, a user is able to send or receive payments for online auctions like that you will find on eBay etc. One can sell or buy goods and other services with the help of PayPal. You can also donate and receive money via PayPal. A major advantage of PayPal account is you can use PayPal’s services without having an account. If you want to Login PayPal, then you can check below steps which are too simple for anyone. Furthermore, these steps will help you to easily PayPal login account.

How To Login PayPal: Anyone can Login Paypal who has an account with it. Check below to know Furthermore information on the same.

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  • Mobile or Tablet or PC
  • Internet of Wifi Connection
  • PayPal Username
  • Paypal Account Password

Steps To Login Paypal:

  • First, from your web browser, you have to search for in the address bar.
  • paypal login
  • When you land on the official website of the PayPal, you have to click on the Login option which is on the top right corner of the page.
  • To Log into your account, you have to enter your Password and Email address.
  • After that, you have to click the “Log In” to Login PayPal account.

How to Recover Your PayPal Account:

  • If you forgot either your password or your email, you have to click on “Forgot your email address or password?” option. This is in blue colour just below the “Log In” option.
  • Furthermore, you have to face some questions regarding your sign in problem. You have to select the options like where you don’t know the password or Don’t know what email address you are using or select you don’t use either one of them.
  • Next, you have to enter the Captcha code that you find, so as to confirm that you are not a robot.
  • While you have to click on the “continue” option which is in yellow colour.

By the August of 2009, PayPal has started a Student Account mainly for the teenagers. This has helped thousands of parents to open an account. So that they can transfer money to their children where they can spend them with the help of a debit card. The main motto behind the program is to give financial responsibilities by students. They can also learn how to wisely spend their money from a tender age. By the November of 2009, PayPal has started its own platform. Here, it helps in allowing other services to have code access. This helps in using their existing infrastructure where peer to peer online transactions is very simple.

PayPal Features:

While in the year 2008, PayPal has purchased Bill Me Later. This Bill Me Later is a credit product online. Later, Bill Me Later was rebranded as PayPal Credit. PayPal Credit is helping many to lend money to PayPal Credit accounts, mainly for the Comenity Capital Bank. eBay has bought the Bill Me Later in the year 2008. Since then it is the official part of PayPal group in Maryland. It also has offices in the areas like Arizona, Maryland, California etc. The option of accessing a fast line of credit online, most of the vendors opt for Paypal over other online services.

PayPal provides its customers with a number of possibilities during online shopping. You will get the same services as that too of shopping in person while using a credit card. With the help of Bill Me Later which is now PayPal Credit helps in Online Finance Transactions possible from any place at any time. If you want to have the PayPal application, you can find it in App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android Devices. Later on, PayPal has purchased Braintree, which is now the One Touch service. This will help consumers of PayPal to pay just by a single touch option for merchant applications.

These are the different kind of features and services that PayPal is providing to its customers and users. Hope the above two processes are easy to understand and easy to follow. Let us know if you are facing any kind of trouble in using the two processes.

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