Disney+ login is a subscription streaming service from The Walt Disney Company featuring movies and shows from Disney brands like Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars.

as well as exclusive titles like The Mandalorian, High School Musical: The Musical:

The Series, The World According to Jeff Goldblum and Encore! and films like Lady and the Tramp and Noelle.

Note: Titles are subject to change.

It’s available on Xfinity Flex and X1.

To access the Disney+ app, you’ll need:

A compatible streaming TV Box with Xfinity Flex service or a compatible X1 TV Box with Xfinity X1 service, including:
Xfinity Flex

Xi6 streaming TV Box

XiOne streaming TV Box

Xfinity X1

XG2v2 (Non-DVR; Pace Model)

XG1v3 (DVR; Arris or Pace Model)

XG1v4 (DVR; Arris Model)

XiD (Non-DVR; Pace or Cisco Model)

Xi5 Wireless TV Box (Non-DVR; Pace Model)

Xi6 Wireless TV Box (Non-DVR; Arris or Technicolor Model)

Xfinity Internet service (any level)

A subscription to

The following TV Boxes are not compatible with the app:


RNG150, including the following models:



SMRNG150BNMD – Samsung RNG150N-M

SRRNG150N/CCO – Samsung RNG150N-C

Pace Xi3

Model PX031ANI

Model PX032ANI

Samsung XG2v2

Models SX022ANC and SX022ANM

Arris XG1v1

Models MX011ANC and MX011ANM

Pace XG1v1

Models PX001ANC and PX001ANM

Flex exclusions:

Pace Xi5

Model PX051AEI


Watch Disney+ App on Xfinity X1 and Flex

Press the Xfinity button on your remote.

Select Apps.

Select the + app tile.

Note: You can also say “plus app” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to open the app.

With your remote, choose the Sign Up Now or Login button.

From here, you can:

Log in with your + username and password (press OK on your remote to bring up the keyboard to enter your password),

Or create an account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be able to sign up by clicking the Get Started button. Then:

Follow the onscreen prompts to sign up for a + subscription service.

Please note that eligible subscribers will have the option to sign up for as an.

individual subscription or for the +, ESPN+ and Hulu bundle. For more information, please click here.

How do I manage my existing Disney+ subscription through Xfinity?

If your + subscription appears on your Xfinity bill.

you can manage your plan through your X1 TV Box or Flex streaming TV Box by following these steps:

Access the + app and go to Settings.

Select Account.

From there, you can change your email address, password or plan.

To cancel your + subscription that is billed by or Xfinity, please follow these steps:

How do I cancel my Disney+ subscription?

Go to the + website, + mobile website or + app and log in.

your Profile.


Cancel Subscription.

Complete Cancellation to confirm.

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