How To the Create a Google Account

Create a Google Account;

Create a Google Account

A Google Account gives you access to the numerous Google products. With a Google Account, you can do to the effects like

1. Shoot and admit dispatch using Gmail
2. Find your new favorite videotape on YouTube
3. Download apps from Google Play

Step 1 Choose a Google Account type

Important to When you Create a Google Account for your business, you can the turn business personalization to on. A business account as well as create it easier to set up Google Business Profile, and to the that support ameliorate to your to the business visibility and to the manage your online details .

When you maker a Google Account, we ask for some particular word. By the furnishing accurate word, you can support keep your account secure and make our services more useful.

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Tip You do not need a Gmail account to the make a Google Account. You can as well as use yournon-Gmail dispatch address to the produce to one rather.

1.Go to the Google Account sign in runner.
2. Click Create account.
3. Enter your name.
4. In the” Username” field, enter a username.
5. Enter and confirm your word.

Create a Google Account
  • Tip: When you enter your word on mobile, the first letter is not case sensitive.

6. Click Next.

  • Optional Add to the and the Verify a phone digit for the your account.

7. Click Next.

Use an being to the dispatch address

1. Go to the Google Account subscribe In runner.
2. Click to the make account.
3. Enter to the your name.
4. Click to the Use my current dispatch to address rather.
5. Enter to the your current dispatch address.
6. Click to Next.
7. Verify your dispatch address with the law transferred to the your being to the dispatch.
8. Click to Verify.

Step 2 cover your account with recovery word

Still, streamlined recovery word to makes it much more likely you will be get to the your account back, If you forget your word or a someone is using your a account without your an authorization.

  • Add a recovery phone number
  • Add a recovery email address

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