GZU Student Portal Login

What is GZU Student Portal?

Students at Great Zimbabwe University have access to the GZU Student Portal, which allows them to see their results online, register for classes, obtain digital course materials, check the dates of upcoming events such as registration deadlines, and view their class schedules.

Upon the start of the new academic year, it is necessary for all students, whether they have been at Great Zimbabwe University before or not, to choose their classes, become acquainted with the campus, and learn the locations of important places like the common meeting areas, living facilities, the library, bookstore, and department offices, among other things.

Great Zimbabwe University, often known as GZU, is a place of higher education that can be found in the city of Masvingo in the country of Zimbabwe. It was named after the Great Zimbabwe National Monument, which is located in the country of Zimbabwe. Agriculture and Natural Sciences; Arts, Culture, and Heritage Studies; Commerce; Education and Culture; Law and Social Sciences are some of the fields in which GZU provides degree and certificate programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

This page, in its entirety, provides information on the official student portal and website for Great Zimbabwe University, also known as GZU. As was said before, the GZU student portal offers a number of benefits, and it is crucial to remember this. As a result, the following constitutes the particular objectives of utilizing the student portal:

How to GZU Student Portal Login

GZU Student Portal Login

Visit the website, enter username and password to loggin

How to reset GZU Student Portal Login Password

Reset GZU Student Portal Login Password

Step 1: Go to the student portal page.

Step 2: Enter your username and (Leave the password field blank)

Step 3: Navigate and click on ‘Forgotten Password’ once this is done, follow the instructions on the new page to get your password reset.

Step 4: Finally, once you get everything right, you will be logged into the portal.

How to check GZU student portal results 2022

Once you have completed GZU Student Portal Login, you can check GZU student portal results 2022.

Where is GZU Fees payment online page?

Welcome to GZU Online Payment Platform

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