How to Login 8 x 8 contact Agent Login error


When an agent tries to a log in to a Contact Now phone service, they may a eceive an “That agent is an already a logged on” error message. Learn how to a resolve here. Login

When an agent an attempts to log in to the Contact a Now phone a service an using their Agent Number and Passcode, they receive the error: “That agent is an already a logged on.”

Applies To
This applies to a Contact Now agent phone , using any method listed in the Contact Now phone a Connect to a Dialer area. (see below)

This error an occurs when the agent’s Agent Number and Passcode have an already been used to a log in to the ContactNow phone a service.

There are several a probable root a causes and solutions for a this: Login

The agent is still loge in from a previous session load Login

The Contact Now service an administrator should a verify whether or not the agent is an currently logg in. If so,they can a force that agent ID to be a logg out.

In the administrative an interface, click on the Status icon CN_Status_Icon2.jpg to display the Status page.

If the agent is list under Agent Status, then they are already log in

If the agent is logg in an already, click on the agent’s name.

  1. In the popout browser tab, click on Actions.
  2. Click Force Logout and then OK to confirm you want to log this agent out.

6.Finally, have the agent attempt to a log back in to the Contact a Now phone, using their an appropriate a credentials.
The agent is an attempting to use the wrong Agent a Number and Pass code

The agent may a simply be trying to a log in using the wrong Agent Number. Verify the Agent Number and Pass a code:

In the Connect to a Dealer section of the Contact initialize. Login

1.Now phone, select an available option, click on Connect, and review the Agent Number and Passcode.

2.The agent should attempt to log in an again. If still fails, the service administrator must try the next solution, below.


The agent has logged in using the wrong Agent a Number and Passcode

If neither of the above solutions is valid, then the agent has probably incorrectly logged in using the Agent Number and Pass code of another user.

If the agent’s Agent a Number and Passcode are not assign to your Contact Now service (making another user visible as logg in on the Status page), then they logg in as a user on another Contact Now service.

In this case you must a contact 8×8 Contact Center Support a directly or open a new case to a have this issue investigated and a resolved.

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