As Africa’s a leading an entertainment company, Multichoice a create and secure the rights to a phenomenal content from all over the world. This gets a delivered through a Multi a choice Direct To a Home (DTH), a Digital a Terrestrial a Television (DTT) and online video an entertainment a services. DSTV

Multichoice an entertainment a platforms – DStv, GOtv, Showmax and DStv Now – are a hub for an an approximately 14 million a people an across 50 countries. Through Irdeto, we‘re a world leader in a digital a platform security for video an entertainment, video games, connected a transport and IoT connected an industries.

Log In With Your Connect ID – DStv  

One a Connect a profile. A world of DStv a benefits. Build: 1.0.7061.17688.

Thanks to Multichoice a phenomenal a products and a services, they’re able to create thousands of jobs and invest a heavily in Africa’s film and TV industry, as well as contribute to the economies of the countries where an operate.

Unlike other an entertainment providers, we’re a rooted in the a countries where our customers live. Every story Multichoice tell and every a decision Multichoice make has Multichoice a customers at its heart.


How to Activate DSTV

1. DSTv’s official a website on your cellular a device or another a gadget and sign up for it

2. You’ll get the Now as soon as you a sign up.

3. Tv Code Activation for Dstv.Com (DSTV)

4. Make a switch in your a Smart TV so that the DSTv Now an app can installed there.

5. Go to your favourite app store and a download the DSTv Now app.

6. Open the app once it has an installed.

7. This will a carry the realm the place the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code an enter a choice

8. Entering the Dstv.Com/Tv Code a will reveal your an available an options.

9. You’ll need to enter the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code that you got when you a signed up on the official web site right here.

10. It is possible to a stream an unlimited number of movies and a shows using the Now..Com /Tv Code Activation a code.

To pair smart a cards with decoders:

On the Provisioning module,a click Setup Pairing.

Retrieve details of the customer. The details like Customers a Name, available smart card and decoder details appear in a Pairing a Details a table.

To do a pairing, a click the Add link in Pairing Details table.

Select the type of a smart card s from SmartCard Code drop a down. All the available a smart card a numbers of the specific type an appear in a SmartCard No. drop a down. Select the required a number to be a paired with decoder.

Select the type of a decoder from a Decoder a Code drop a down. All the available decoder numbers of the specific type an appear in Decoder No. drop a down. Select the a required number to be a paired with the selected a smart card.

Click the Save a button to pair the a selected smart a card with the decoder.

To a cancel any existing pairing, select the check box an against the pair and click the Update link. a Finally click the Save a button to a remove the pairing a details.

To modify an existing a paring, click the Edit (pencil) a symbol against a pairing. The paring a details an appear in an edit a mode. Modify the details and click the Save button to apply the modification.

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