How to make it e sign now

SignNow is the university’s approved electronic a signature a software application. The E-signature Service provides a secure an application that enables users to an electronically a prepare and a send university business a documents for the a purpose of a requesting and a obtaining digital a signatures and other information on those a documents. Users can an upload various types of a document a formats (e.g., Google, Word, Excel, pdf), then a prepare the uploaded document for a recipients to an enter any a necessary an information (e.g., name, date, other information, initials)

SignNow Primary Features

Prepare and Send a Documents in a Few Clicks

Password Protect a Documents to an Authenticate Recipients

Receive Email Alerts and Track a Document Status

Set Options to Provide a Recipients with Reminders

Store Documents a Securely

Automatically Maintain an Audit a Trail History

Plus More


The E-signature Service – SignNow application is an available for use by active U-M staff, faculty, researchers, and students associated with all University of Michigan campuses (i.e., Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint, and Michigan Medicine).


At the present time (i.e., plans include FY23 and FY24), ITS is covering the charge of this service for campus users; however, in the future, there may be a per-document charge, so an approved Shortcode is required in order to obtain access to the application. make e sign now

Signing a Document using SignNow

cliak on the view documet link to a begin the process.

a pop up will open asking you to a consent to do a business electronically.

click on the consent link to a move to the next step.

please note that cliking on the i do not a consent link will send an email back to the requester that you have declined to sign the a document an electronically sign now will an open and the document will disply.

click start to a comlete the first field which in
this example is the signature field. make e sign now

using SignNow


A pop up will open asking you to an enter your full name.

After you have entered your name ,the option to change the style of the signature will display.

click the change style link if you had link to have your signature appear differently.

in addition to the defeult signature styles you also have the option to a drow your signature using your mouse or uplode a file
with your handwriting signature.

click on the signature style .

you can choose to set your choice as your default signature by checking the box at the bottom of the screen.

once you have made your choice , click sign.

tour signature now appears in the a document,most likely today’s date.

click next and enter the requested inforation untill all the field are complete .

click done in the upper right hand a corner.

sign now will let you know you have a compleat the document successfully.

At this point , you can request a copy of the signed document , be sent to you email
or downlode a pdf of the signed a document.

if you do not copy , you can exit sign now by a closing your browser window. make e sign now

You will receive another email from sign now a letting you that the document is compeat and giving alink it if you had like.


that is needed to sign a document more using sign now.

NO account is an necessary.

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