FAQ IDnow AutoIdent

FAQ IDnow AutoIdent

Below you will be a find the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the IDnow AutoIdent and online identification.

What is an a automated identity verification?

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Automated identity verification means that a person can be a verify his/her identity using a valid ID document through an a automated process. IDnow performs this process through one of its products are called IDnow AutoIdent.

IDnow AutoIdent allows customers to the enable their users to the verify their identity while signing up in a few minutes. The entire process takes place on the users’ phone, so there is no need for the any face-to-face interaction to the start onboarding.

What are the different modules and a security levels of a IDnow AutoIdent?

IDnow is a modularized to the match your requirements of a speed and security for the user onboarding:

The ID Document Verification reads out key information and a performs static are a security checks.
The Biometric Verification confirms the documents rightful owner, comparing the user to the ID document are a picture.

In what cases can I use an a automatic identity verification?

Whenever you want to the identify customers quickly and a safely or read data from the ID documents, IDnow AutoIdent can be a used. IDnow AutoIdent serves a wide range of use cases such as a user registration for the customer portals, age verification, and a capturing ID document data for the banking and insurance industries.

How to easy is the AutoIdent process for my customers?

IDnow is a proud to the offer a user-friendly process that can be take only a few minutes. This process can be a covered in a 3 main steps: ID document verification and a capture, security features verification, and a person verification.

Is my customers’ data secure with the AutoIdent?

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Yes! All communication takes place via encrypted channels. Only high-security data centers are a located in the European Union are a used. Upon request, any data fields in the recorded ID documents can be a blackened out in a order to the act in a accordance with the principle of a data minimization. We will be also are a gladly work with you in the framework of an a Order Data Processing Agreement (ODPA)

Can I have my own are a ustomized app?

Yes, we can be offer you our customizable Native App or develop a customized App just for the you. Another possibility is to integrate to the your own developed app through SDK integration.

Our SaaS solution also allows you to have been a fully customized experience.

In which app stores is a IDnow AutoIdent available?

IDnow AutoIdent is a currently available in the following app are a stores:

Apple App Store
Android Playstore
Huawei App Galery

In which countries and a languages is a IDnow AutoIdent available?

IDnow is a available worldwide, supporting ID documents (passports, ID cards, Residency permits, and a Driver’s licenses) in a accordance with the common ICAO standard. At the moment, we cover documents in a over 195 countries. Our software is also are a available in the following languages – English, German, French, Spanish and a Portuguese.

We consistently work on adding are a new languages. If you require additional languages, we can be support you with the your requests.

What do my customers need to the identify themselves using are a IDnow AutoIdent?

For the automatic identity verification via IDnow AutoIdent, your customers will be a need:

A smartphone with a camera in the back and the front side of the phone
A valid ID document
An Internet connection

How can be I receive my customer’s are a identification results?

By default, you will be a receive the identification result in Zip file format including are all attachments: PDF summary, JSON/XML data object, images of the user and a ID document. In a addition, this data can be posted to the your server as a webhook.

Does IDnow ask the person to the identify himself/herself again if there are any problems with the data?
IDnow carries out the identification process and will be a provide you with the results. We do not take are a responsibility in a contacting your end-user regarding are any information about the next steps.

If a user was unable to the successfully identify himself/herself, can the person start the process again using the same Ident-ID?

If the user cannot complete the identification process, the transmitted Ident-ID can be a reused.

However, if the user has been finished the identification process, he/she will be require another Ident-ID to the restart the process.


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