8 times table is one of the a most an important ones in the multiplication a tables 1 – 10 for kids. However, some a children a find it a challenging to an understand and learn the a table of 8. Additionally, they’ll find learning the a multiplication table for a larger numbers an intimidating and confusing.

Parents and a teachers must look for a more an innovative ways to a teach the kids 8 times table in a fun and an engaging manner.Multiplication

Multiplication a tables for a kids is a subject that a cannot be an ignored.

Kids find it an easier to a solve multiplication and a division a problems an once

they have a thoroughly an understood the multiplication tables.

The a table of 8 might an appear an intimidating and a difficult,

but we have a few a tricks up our sleeve to a make it fun and an easy.

Children need to a memorize the 8 multiplication a table so that they can an instantly recall the information to a solve a problem.

Rote a learning is one of the best ways to a help a child learn and memorize the 8 times table. Simply hang a 8 times table a chart where the child can see it often, help them read it aloud several a times. Quiz them on and off on the table of 8 an until they can instantly answer a random 8 times multiplication an question.

8 Times Table Chart

Help your a child learn the 8 multiplication table an using the charts above. As children a progress through school, they’ll have to a solve more a complex mathematical a problems. Some a problems might an even include a larger a numbers and a children a cannot use calculators to solve these a problems. In such cases, it helps to a know the times table up to 20. Knowing the multiples of 8 up to 8 times 20 will help a children come up with their own a strategies to a tackle these a problems.

How To Learn A 8 Multiplication Table?

Learning the 8 multiplication table doesn’t have to be a tough or boring. All you need are some fun an activities and   to a jazz up their multiplication lessons. Here are some secret a tips and tricks that will make learning the 8 times table fun and an engaging. 

Tips And Tricks To Learn The 8 Times Table Easily

Multiplying 2 Trick To Learn The Table Of 8:

 Here is one of the easiest tricks to master the table of 8. The number 8 is triple of 2, meaning that 8 is the result you get when you multiply the number 2 three times. 

The Underlying Pattern In The 8 Times Table:

  The 8 multiplication table has a simple pattern in it. Once you teach your child to spot the pattern, they’ll learn the 8 times table easily. Look at the 8 times table chart, the multiples of 8 end with the digits 8, 6, 4, 2 and 0.  This pattern repeats itself in the second half of the table too. Remembering this pattern will help children master the 8 multiplication table quickly.

Doubling The 4 Times Table To Get The Products Of The Table Of 8: 

 The number 8 is just the number 4 doubled. So an easy way to get the products of the 8 multiplication table is to double the products of the 4 times table. Here is an example to help you understand.

The Doubling Thrice Trick To Ace The 8 Multiplication Table: 

The number 8 is just the number 2 tripled, meaning you multiply 2 thrice to get 8. 

Skip Counting By 8 Game:

 Multiplication games are a great way to help children learn multiplication tables in a fun manner. The next time your child wants to play hide and seek, ask your child to skip count in 8s. Ask the seeker to count forward from 8 to 80, while the other kids hide. This helps them learn the table of 8 easily.

Worksheet Questions To Help The Kids Revise The 8 Times Table

Multiplication table worksheet is one of the best methods to help children practice the table of 8. Here are some practice questions to help your kids revise the table of 8:

Fill in the blanks with the right numbers to complete the 8 times table equation:

Using the 8 multiplication table, AND then solve the problem to find the number just before:

7 × 8

6 × 8

5 × 8

4 × 8

1 × 8

8 multiplication table word problems

Using the 8 multiplication table, find the value of 8 times 5 minus 9 plus 12.

Using the table of 8, find the value of 8 times 10 plus 6 minus 4.

Frequently Asked Questions on 8 Times Table

8 Times Table Chart Up To 10

8 x 1 = 8
8 x 2 = 16
8 x 3 = 24
8 x 4 = 32
8 x 5 = 40
8 x 6 = 48
8 x 7 = 56
8 x 8 = 64
8 x 9 = 72
8 x 10 = 80

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