login go to my pc now

How do I login to my account?

To login, enter the email address and password used when creating a GoToMyPC account or manager account.

Log in to your account

  1. Log in at https://www.GoToMyPC.com/members/login.tmpl.
  2. Select an account, if available. Skip this step if you are taking directly to your list of computers.
  3. Next to the desired host computer, click Connect.
login go to my pc now

Forgot your account password?

Your account password is what you use to log in to the GoToMyPC website. If you ever forget your account password, you can quickly create a new one.

Add an alternate email address to your account

When you reset your account password, the email will also be sent to the alternate email address listed in your account. Learn how to add and change your alternate email address.

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Forgot your Windows or Mac access code?

Your access code resides only on your host computer and is never transmitted over the internet. It is a critical component in the encryption key that is used to keep your host computer secure. For security reasons, GoToMyPC does not have a record of your access code and has no way to provide it to you if you forget it while traveling. Because it cannot be emailed, you must be physically present at the host computer to create a new access code on Windows and Mac.

Why are we lost?

There are occasions when the GoToMyPC authentication service cannot tell where you intended to go. This can happen, for instance, if you are already logged in and attempt to log in again. The “You’re not lost – we’re lost” page provides links to GoToMyPC product accounts. If you do not have one of the products and click on the link, you will be offered the opportunity to start a trial account.

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