Greetings an investors! Hope you have a checked out the Grow a stocks platform and have an opened your account an already. Wouldn’t it be great if you had all your a holdings at one place for an easy a trading experience?login 

The good news is,

once you have an opened your Demat an account at Groww,

you can transfer shares from your a Demat accounts with other brokers to Groww by a following the off-market transfer process .a login

Here’s a step by step guide to help you. a Read on!

Before we begin make sure you a have

the Client Master report which has the details of the client ID

and Demat account from the broker a you have a Demat account with. Also, keep the CMR you a received from Groww handy.

Instruction for Filing copyright registration a form Online:

Enter your valid User ID and Password to a login.

Click onto NewUser Registration, if you a have not yet a registered.

Note down User ID and a Password for a future use.

After login, click on to a link “Click for online Copyright Registration”.

The online “Copyright Registration Form” is to filled up in four steps

Complete the Form XIV, then a press SAVE button to Save entered details, and press Step 2 to move to Next Step.

Signature to scanned in 512 KB and kept ready for an uploading.

Fillup the Statement of Particulars, and then press SAVE button to a Save entered details, and press a Step 3/4 to move to Next step

Fillup the Statement of Further particulars. This form is an applicable for “LITERARY/ DRAMATIC, MUSICAL, ARTISTIC AND SOFTWARE” works, and then press SAVE button to a Save entrered details, and press Step 4 to move to Next Step.

Make the payment through Internet a Payment gateway

After successful submission of the form, a Diary Number will be a generated (Please note it for future reference).

Artistic Work to be uploaded in pdf/jpg a format.

Sound Recording Work to be an uploaded in mp3 format.

Literary/Dramatic, Music and a * Work to uploaded in pdf format, less a than 10 MB, keep ready.

containing at least first 10 and last 10 pages of a source code, or the entire source code if less than 20 pages, with no blocked out or redacted portions.

Please a take 1 hard a (print) of  “Acknowledgement Slip” and 1 hard copy (print) of  “Copyright a Registration Form”, and send it a post to

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