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Epix Everything you need to know about pricing, content, and more

We’re now times into the so- called streaming wars, with a host of media companies fighting for our eyeballs( and credit card information). So, MGM’s is operating in a crowded field with Epix Now. While Netflix was the early favorite to come out on top, there’s some stiff competition out there. HBO Max is making swells with its massive library of WarnerBros.- possessed content plus new buzz- good originals, and Amazon Prime Video has been a contender for times, especially with its global reach.

But with a combination of heritage titles in its rich library, along with a host of new, prestige originals, Epix does have some emotional legs to stand on.

The big question is worth it? We ’ve gone through all the different questions you might have about the streaming service, from pricing to content immolation to colorful specs and further. Have a look for yourself below.

What’s Epix?

Before we concentrate on just streaming, it’s worthwhile to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. is n’t just a streaming service. possessed by MGM, it’s a 24- hour decoration television network. It’s made up of the flagship and Epix Drive- In channels, offering a aggregate of four decoration, announcement-free, pay television channels and on- demand services.

Epix was also among the first heritage string channels to offer its library online, and it has acclimated to that model well. The platform is available and through the Epix Now app on Android and iOS.
So, functionally, Epix is two effects. It’s a traditional string network with four distinct channels, and it’s a streaming service. Its library ranges from original scripted and talkie content to a huge library of Hollywood flicks.

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Is Epix worth it?

So is Epix worth the subscription figure? Entertainment is particular and private, so your avail may vary. But offers a lot of bang for your buck.

With a low price point, a huge library of content including exclusive titles, and quality specs, it’s a solid service that deserves your attention. It wo n’t serve as a full string relief or indeed a comprehensive Netflix volition, but it can be a fantastic alternate or third service for streaming fanatics looking for indeed further content.

How do you subscribe up?

The simplest and cheapest way to get on demand is to subscribe to the string network. All string subscribers get free access to the streaming platform. This applies to anyone with a television or digital subscription to Epix — prices vary depending on provider and position within the US.

How important does Epix bring?

Epix generally costs about$5.99 per month as a string channel. You ’ll have to check your original providers to confirm or to look for special deals. Epix is n’t just limited to string subscribers however. Cord knives have a great option, outlined below.

What’s Epix Now?

Cord knives can still pierce the same streaming content as string subscribers; you ’ll just need to subscribe up with a streaming-only account called Epix Now. You can subscribe up at the sanctioned website and download the app from your favourite app store. That will set you back$5.99 per month, so not breaking the bank by streaming norms.

With that$5.99 subscription, you can cancel anytime, sluice unlimited content, download titles to watch offline, and watch on multiple bias. Epix does n’t announce exactly how numerous defenses can be logged in and streaming at formerly, so buyerbeware. However, you may maximum out at some point, If you ’re looking to partake your word with musketeers or indeed just live with a big family or a lot of roommates.

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