Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out – What To Do?

Facebook has been around for the over a decade now, and it’s hard to remember the world before it. Everyone is so used to connecting via Facebook; it’s the primary search tool to find anyone nowadays.

Everyone is so used to having the Facebook at the tip of their fingers that most people don’t even bother logging out. But Facebook sometimes logs you out on its own.

When this happens, you might wonder why Facebook did that. There are the few answers to this question, and we’ll go over them in this article.

If you’re using Facebook on a your computer, you might find that every once in the while, you get logged out unexpectedly. That can be pretty annoying, right? It may have something to do with the cookies your browser uses to track the sites you visit. It can be that your settings are the automatically set up to end your session after a certain period. Go ahead and check your cookies settings for the browser you’re using.

Compared to some other apps (like the ones you use for your bank account), Facebook has been considerably longer active session time. Still, Facebook sessions time out, too. Also, clearing your cache and cookies might help you fix this problem.

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Facebook Auto Login

Auto-login is one of the more useful tools a user can have on the internet. Typing in all your email and password info every time might be the safer route, but it’s also a more time-consuming and tedious one. If you’re the only person using your laptop, there’s no reason you shouldn’t opt for the auto-login.

The same applies to Facebook. When you log in, you have the option to let the site automatically log you in when you come back. If you don’t select this option, you will be logged out after you leave the site.

More Than One Person Is Logged In

Although it doesn’t happen often, if someone else is trying to access your Facebook account while you are the actively using it, you can get kicked out of that session. Especially if that someone is using a different IP address.

Maybe your best friend who isn’t on Facebook has your password and has logged in at the same time. Or someone is trying to hack into your account. If the latter is the case, it’s a good time to do something about it.

Go to the Facebook Settings page, and under Security and Login, you can choose to change your passwords and select to get alerts for unrecognized logins. You can also use the option to have three to five friends as contacts in case you’re so unlucky to get locked out of your account. It’s advisable to take extra precautions when it comes to Facebook and the safety of your data.

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Log Out When You Want to

You should be able to log out when you want to and not when someone or something else decides to log you out. It’s probably smart and healthy to log out of all social media apps every once in a while. But, you should do it on your terms, of course.

The most important part is to make sure that no one is trying to have unauthorized access. Everything else can be fixed. Clear your cookies and cache and do go ahead and use auto-login if it’s convenient.

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