How To login The fly now pay later

Getting set up with Fly Now Pay latterly

Then’s everything you need to know about setting flexible ways for your customers to pay for their coming adventure.

Before you begin

still, you ’ll need a Fly Now Pay latterly trafficker account, If you have n’t formerly got one. Get in touch with our deals platoon and they ’ll set you up.

Once you ’ve got your details, you ’ll be suitable to log into our Merchant Portal.

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Processing an application

To the client, you can present Fly Now Pay latterly as a flexible payment option and an indispensable way to resolve the cost of their booking. still, this is still technically a loan and is subject to credit checks.

We run these credit checks automatically through a form that’s stoutly fitted into your point once the stoner clicks “ Checkout with Fly Now Pay latterly ”.

still, you ’ll need to request a Virtual disbenefit Card using a Garçon Side call to our virtual card API endpoint, If the application is successful.

We ’ll show you how to set up that button and request a Virtual disbenefit Card further down this runner.

The fly now pay later Video

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What can customers use Fly Now Pay latterly for?

Your customers can use Fly Now Pay latterly to bespeak anything affiliated to their vacation or trip, as long as they can get ane-ticket.

That generally means they can bespeak packages, breakouts and hospices, but not effects like rail peregrinations.

Setting up your integration

Getting set up is super simple.

1 Login into the Merchant Portal using the details you got from our deals platoon.

2 Once you ’re in, click the “ add new ” button to set up a new integration.

3 Tell us the sphere that you ’ll be setting Fly Now Pay latterly up on.

4 Hit the “ Done ” button.

5 You ’ll see the integration screen and the integration key that you ’ll need to integrate the library of Fly Now Pay latterly features into your point.

Setting up the stuff your customers see

This is where the magic happens.
Before you start, make sure you have the correct integration key for your perpetration.( See Setting up your integration for further information.)

Fly Now Pay latterly Model

The model will be handed to you at the inauguration of the Fly Now Pay latterly service. Once handed you may start using it. Please note to keep the model in private compass and not set it to a public compass to avoid advanced druggies from penetrating it through the cybersurfer press.

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