Fortnite login: everything you necessary to know to login

Getting the everything set-up on Epic’s battle royale differs between the iOS and Android, here’s all the Fortnite login details you need to start playing

How do you get set-up and login into the Fortnite? It depends on what device you are playing on, first and foremost. The method of getting Fortnite on your phone was been easier on iOS than it is on Android initially, but now you can no longer download Fortnite on the iOS. Thankfully, though, Fortnite on Android is obtainable on the Google Play, so it’s just as easy these days.

Once you’re all set up, it’s a simple case of booting up the game and either signing in if you have already created an Epic account or making a new one. The Fortnite login on the mobile can play up from time-to-time, Still, so we’ll go over some fixes down under. Before you get going, though, you may want to think about enabling two-factor authentication for the safety reasons – you can never be too safe, after the all. You’ll also necessary to know how to enable Fortnite crossplay if you want to play with pals on different platforms.

Getting to the grips with all of this can be a headache, so we’ve put together this handy by Fortnite login guide to the help you get started. We’ll go over how to download, login, and enable 2FA and crossplay so you’ll be a ready to play Epic’s battle royale with the no distractions.

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Everything you need to know about Fortnite login:

How to download Fortnite mobile

Getting Fortnite on your iPhone is no longer possible, as due to an ongoing legal battle Apple has been restricted Epic from placing the game on the App Store. These days, the only method to play mobile is on Android. Simply head to Google Play and download it. It didn’t use to be that easy, as Epic initially decided to bypass the store and sell the game itself.

Do keep in mind, Still, that this could be set to change shortly. In a recent interview with the GameSpot, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney expressed his desire to bring the Epic Games Store to Android and iOS. He was far more confident about the pulling it off on the former than the latter, especially considering the lawsuit between Epic and Apple over the last year. Either way, you’ll probably have to head there to download Fortnite on a your phone in the future, if and when it happens.

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How to login to Fortnite

This one is also straightforward. Once you boot up on your phone, you’ll be presented with the button that says “Tap to Start”. Once you tap it, you’ll be asked to sign in to an existing account or create a new one. If you already have an the Epic account, use your sign-in details. If you don’t, you can make one in-game, and it won’t take you too long at all.

The Fortnite login has been known to have the odd hic-up, mind you. Thankfully Epic is aware of it, and have shared details on how to get around it on its Reddit page. The issue must be fixed right now, but you never know when it might happen again.

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