How To Login The Foxtel Now

How to Login Foxtel Now

One time after Game of Thrones ended, there’s been plenitude of reasons to stick around with Foxtel Now after the credits rolled. Watchmen, Succession, and Chernobyl, none relatively as popular as the trip through Westeros, but meritorious of the same praise( or further, in our opinion). Still, there comes a time in every bystander’s life when the service they’re paying for is no longer delivering the goods. That’s the benefit of streaming videotape- on- demand services, you can cancel and extinguish your account as frequently as you like with no impacts.

still, cancelling your subscription could n’t be easier, If you ’ve reached that point with Foxtel Now( or you ’re eyeing off the new streaming service Binge). Then’s a step- by- step companion to cancelling Foxtel Now.

Login Foxtel Now Step- by- step

Step 1 Head
Step 2 Log in with dispatch and word
Step 3 Open up My Account
Step 4 Click Cancel Subscription
Step 5 Are you sure? Click Yes, cancel
Step 6 Refuse offer and click No thanks
Step 7 Done, subscription cancelled
Step 8 Check the cancellation date. You can continue watching Foxtel Now until that time.

Click Here to Login Foxtel Now

Step 1 Head

Open up your web cybersurfer( rather on a computer, it’s just easier that way) and enter https// in the addressbar.However, you will land straight on the My Account runner, and you can skip to step four, If you are formerly logged in.

Step 2: Log in

Click the Login button in the top-right corner of the runner. That will land you on a Manage Foxtel Now runner where you’ll be asked for the dispatch address and word you handed when you created your account. Enter those details, click” I am not a robot”( indeed if you are), and click the Log in button.

Step 3 Open up My Account

Logging in should deflect you to the My Account runner, with your pack summary and billingdetails.However, click the profile drop- down in the upper right corner and click My Account, If not.

Step 4 Cancel Subscription

under your billing details, there’s a big Cancel Subscription button. Click that

Step 5 Are you sure?

Now is when effects start to get awkward. After hitting Cancel Subscription, a pop- up will show you a selection of the awful television you’ve been watching, like a messy break- up where someone whips out an old polaroid and asks,” flash back how happy we were?”. Please do not fall for it. You’ve got this far, and you are stronger than you suppose. Click Yes, cancel.

Step 6 But I can change

Phew. The worst of it’s over or is it? Next, in an act of sad despair, Foxtel Now will try to get you to stay by offering an seductive reduction.$ 10 out over the coming four months sounds nice, and for a brief moment, you indeed consider it. But you’ve been through this before, and the price was just one issue amongst numerous. You just suppose it’s stylish for both of you if you nip this in the cub, so you can both get on with your lives, so you click No thanks.

Step 7 Subscription Cancelled

Foxtel Now sees the distance in your eyes, you’ve formerly checked out whether Foxtel Now likes it or not. In one last act of defiance, Foxtel tells you coldly in big, bold letters Subscription Cancelled. Eventually, it’s done. There is a heavy silence as you close the laptop lid behind you.

Step 8 Moving out

You spend the night scrolling through indispensable streaming services for commodity to watch. To your surprise, you do not feel shamefaced at all. No, for the first time in ever, you feel alive. These streaming services bring a bit of the price Foxtel Now did, and they are smarter and further dependable.

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