How do I log in to the FREE Here and now app?

To log in

1.Open the FREE Here and now motorist app
2. Tap’ subscribe in to an being account'( Image 1)
3. Enter your username, that is, your phone number beginning with 44( and not 0) and without any spaces. 4. 4. For illustration 447XXXXXXXXX.
5. Enter your password . This will be the same password used when subscribing up.
6. Tap’ Log in'( Image 2)

still, check out our instructions on how to avoid having to re-up your credentials, If you would like to remain logged into the motorist app.

still, you can reset it on the app, If you can not flash back your password . Check out our instructions on how to reset your password .

still, also please communicate our motorist Care Team directly, If you’re still having trouble logging in. They’ll be happy to help.

Login Free Now Video

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Successful login

For Username

1.Open the FREE Here and now motorist app and sign in with your mobile number and password .

2. Do n’t forget that your username is your mobile number

3. It must be entered using 353. You need to drop the 0 from your 089, 087, 085 or 086 at the launch.

4. So your username should look like this 3538612345

For password

1.still, tap the ‘ eye ’ icon at the right of your password If you would like to show your password when codifying.

2. Type in your password

3. Tap the” Flash back me” box to save your details for unborn logins

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forgotten password ?

Do n’t worry about forgetting your password . This can fluently be reset at your login screen.

1.You can reset it by tapping the “ forgotten password ? ”

2. Enter your username on the coming runner( this is your mobile phone number in the same format as above Use 353 and rest of your number dropping the ‘ 0 ’ at the launch)

3. Tap shoot me a link to confirm

4. You’ll admit a new link to reset your password via SMS.

5. Tap this link and you’ll be taken to a new screen to enter in your new password , make sure it’s bone
you can flash back and please do n’t partake it with anyone differently

6. still, please communicate the motorist platoon, If you’re still having trouble after taking the way over.

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