How To Login The geforce now fortnite

How to download and play Fortnite on the iOS devices using a GeForce Now

Even if gamers used a console or a PC, most of them had the Fortnite app on their phone. It was been perfect for the being able to log in and check the Item Shop when it reset or for the keeping yourself updated on a things that didn’t needed require playing. Those days are, unfortunately, in the past.

In August of the 2020, Apple and Epic Games engaged in a heated lawsuit that is technically above; Epic Games lost on the all counts but one.

iOS players have been left out since, with the no real indication that the game will return any time soon on the app store (a return is coming, says Tim Sweeny, though). Alternative ways of playing the game are obtainable, Still, involve one that include GeForce Now. Here’s how to do it.

How to use GeForce Now to play Fortnite on iOS devices

Presently, neither of the two major ways, the second of which involves Xbox Cloud Gaming, has been an iOS app. That’s probably unrelated to Apple’s displeasure with Fortnite, though; the Safari app will suffice.

On the GeForce site, players can sign up for an account, which is the first step. The Join Now button in the top right corner of the main page is where players need to go.

That will bring them to a part of the page where they’ll have three options, two for the paid accounts and one for the free account. Any of these three options can be used to play Fortnite.

After the choosing an option, players will necessary to link their Epic Games account to the GFN (GeForce Now) account.

The geforce now fortnite Video

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On their iOS device, players will now need to visit the mobile version of the site ( There, they’ll be able to access the game. Unfortunately, it is not an app, but there is a way to make a shortcut app.

  1. Click the settings button on Safari while on the website.
  2. Scroll down just a little.
  3. Click Add to Home Screen.
  4. Visit the home screen and ensure the new shortcut is there and working.

According to those who have tried this version of the game, it runs surprisingly well. It is as good as the app used to be, which certainly is reassuring.

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