Gmail login as different stoner How to login to Gmail with new account

still, then’s a companion that can help you with that, If you have further than one account and are wondering how to log in to a device without losing the other.

Gmail supports multiple stoner accounts, which means you can subscribe in with further than one account on a device.

This works on both the app and cybersurfer. also, you can also switch between the accounts on the go. That said, the login different stoner functionality does n’t change your dereliction account.

Irrespective of how numerous logins you do, the account remains the same that you have used while setting up the device. Read on to find out how to login to with another account, while keeping other sessions active.

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Gmail login different user

How to login to Gmail with another account on mobile phone
The stylish way to log in to with another account on a mobile phone is through an app. The Gmail app comespre-loaded in nearly all Android bias, while iPhone druggies can download it via App Store

  • To login with a different stoner on Gmail, fire up the app
  • Tap on the indirect profile icon in the top right corner and choose ‘ Add another account ’
  • You get the option to add another account from Google, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo, and other.
  • still, you ’ll have to corroborate that’s you
  • If you’re using Android mobile phoneuser.After this, enter your dispatch ID and word
  • Hit ‘ Next ’

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You ’ll now be logged in with different druggies in Gmail. The same way can be used to add another Gmailaccount.However, you can switch using the way stated below, If you do n’t automatically land on the app of the account.

How to login to Gmail with another account on desktop

As for the desktop, you can login to Gmail with another account using anybrowser.However, you’ll incontinently see your inbox, If you happed to have a former session still inkedin.However, open Gmail or any other Google service and subscribe- in with your account, If not.

  • To add another account, valve on the profile icon
  • Choose ‘ Add another account ’
  • Enter your dispatch ID or phone number, also hit ‘ Coming ’ and add word
  • Click on ‘ Coming ’ and voila, you ’re logged in

To switch between accounts on desktop you can follow the forenamed way. also, the cybersurfer allows you to open multiple accounts open side by side on different tabs to keep an overview.

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