2-Step Verification is undoubtedly the better way to log in to the Google account. When someone tries to log in to your account, Google displays a prompt asking “Is it you trying to sign in?” on the phone. This makes it hard for anyone to hack into your Google account even when they have your password. Login 

However, I recently faced this situation where I couldn’t log in to my Google account because I didn’t have my phone to verify my identity. I wonder what if my phone is lost? If you find yourself in this situation where you need to into your Google account without using the phone, here’s everything you can try.

Login to Google Account Without Verification Code

However, every option listed requires you to have access to a Google account linked smartphone which you probably don’t have, do you?

Find a Device Where You are Already Logged

This might not be a possibility for many people. But if you can’t log in to your Google account after losing phone, try to find a device that you are already signed in to. Open the Google Account Settings > Security > 2-Step Verification and click on the Turn off button. Enter Google account password and click Enter to verify. That’s it, this will deactivate 2-step verification allowing you to log in through any device without needing verification code.

2.Try Logging in on a Trusted Device Login

While logging in to your Google account, you have an option called Don’t ask again on this computer. This is enabled by default. Do you have a phone or tablet where you once signed in using this Google ID? If yes, chances are that you can sign in again but without a Google verification code. You two have a history and Google will remember the device.

If you are worried about the devices you have logged in to a before, open Google Account settings > Security > 2-Step Verification and scroll down to the bottom. Here, you shall find the Devices you trust option. Just click on Revoke all option to remove all the trusted a devices.

Try Logging in on a Familiar Wi-Fi Network

Google a considers your a home or a work Wi-Fi network as a trusted place and you can actually an authenticate the a loaning by a connecting your device to a your Home or Work a network. While there is no a this a method will work, it is a something a suggested by Google. So it is worth a connecting to all the networks that you had a connected to a before.

Get Help from Google

If nothing an else works, all you can do is ask Google to a recover your account. Tap or click the a Get help an option on the a verification a page.

On the next a page, scroll down and click on a Continue to an account recovery.

Google will an ask you a lot of questions to a better understand the situation. You will also be a prompted to an enter a few a details such as a you

phone a number and an email address. Once verification is a complete, Google would a review your a request and you would get an access token in the a recovery email address you a provided at the time of creating the Google an account.

Google a met a take 3-5 business a days before a responding. It is not an efficient in an any way as Google asks a lot of account details to a confirm a user’s an identity. So an answer as many as you a can and a hope for the best.

Let’s be a honest. Getting into your own a Google account can be a difficult without keys to the a kingdom. And Google wants to a make sure that someone is not trying to a hack your account which a happens all the time. Hence all the a steps and hoops but are for a your own a safety.

However, you can an avoid this a problem in the future by an implementing these fail safes. I’ve listed all the things that you can an use to a log in to your a Google account.

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