How to Login Zepeto Account

It’s really heart- paining to lose all your game progress, especially when you have reached this far and made a lot of new connections. still, you lost your progress now, and you’re looking for a system to get everything back.

This may be because of simple issues like forgotten watchwords, changing into a new device, or more complex issues like account omission, hacking of account, or commodity differently. Whatever may be the reason, we’re then to help you out.

Then’s a list of problems and their matching results. Go through the list and find the bone that you’re looking for. We’ll walk you through the entire recovery process.

Just follow all the instructions, and you’ll get your game progress back in no time! Come, let us help you recover your Zepeto account!

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Method 1 – Logging In to Zepeto With a QR law

generally, you need to flash back an email address and a password to log in to your Zepeto account. still, indeed if you forget your email address and password, Zepeto provides another option to log in to your account the QR law. You just have to overlook this QR law, and you’ll incontinently get into your account. For this, go to your Zepeto app first. After this, you’ll find an option to log in with a QR law in your login menu. Click on it, overlook the law, and you’re now logged in to your account.

still, or if the law is broken, or if this system doesn’t work for you due to some reason, If you can not find this option.

Method 2 – Recovering Zepeto Account on a New Device or Reinstalled App

Have you accidentally deleted your Zepeto game? When you install the app again, you’re taken to a screen where you produce a new icon . So, where is all your game progress? What can you do to get everything you had ahead? Are you floundering to find answers to these questions? Do n’t worry. We’ve got you covered! You’ll have presumably linked your email , phone number, or other social media accounts with Zepeto. We’ll use all these to log in to your former account. Then’s how you do it –

  • Open your Zepeto Mobile App.
  • You’ll presumably be inked in to your old account if your Zepeto recognizes your device. Differently, you’ll be urged to produce a new icon .
  • Below this member, Zepeto asks whether you have an account formerly. Click on Log in coming to it.
  • You’ll have a number of login options to pierce your account. You can use your email address and password, your Facebook profile, or any other system listed there to log in to your account. Whichever system you choose, enter the separate credentials and click on Log in.

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Method 3 – Recover Zepeto Account password

On account of the hundreds of watchwords that we use every day, we frequently tend to forget our watchwords to numerous accounts. To manage up with this issue, a lot of platforms give a point to recover forgotten watchwords. Zepeto also has a analogous point to recover your word. Let us bandy this in detail –

  • Like any other system, open your Zepeto app first.
  • When you reach the login screen, you’ll see two tabs – phone number and email . Without disturbing any of those, click on I forgot the word on the far bottom of the screen.
  • From the coming set of options, choose either I registered with phone number or I registered with email , whichever is applicable.
  • still, you’ll be asked to enter your phone number on the coming screen, If you have named I registered with phone number. On the other hand, you need to enter your email address.
  • After this, click on Next.
  • You’ll admit an OTP or a temporary password , depending upon the option you chose ahead.
  • Enter this temporary password on the login screen along with your email address or phone number, and click on Log In.

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