Produce an Organizational Chart From BambooHR Data still, you ’re presumably familiar with this useful point the capability to turn your company’s reporting structure into an easy- to- read org map, If you use BambooHR. still, this org map remains the same unless you permanently apply changes in BambooHR you ’re unfit to model implicit changes first, before you commit.
Because companies constantly grow and change, you need to be suitable to experiment as you try to reorganize brigades and find the right place for new hires. And that’s why you need Lucidchart.

With our BambooHR integration, you can import your BambooHR data to induce an org map that you can fluently edit and partake. Lucidchart makes it easy to fantasize new reporting structures before you solidify any changes.
Learn how this integration can make you more effective in your part, and if you are formerly vended and ready to produce your org map now, skip to the instructions for importing your BambooHR data.

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Why choose Lucidchart .

Suppose of all the reasons you love BambooHR. It’s slick and easy to use. It acts as a central asset for all hand information. It creates reports that do n’t look like they came straight out of the 1990s, professional reports you actually want to partake.

You ’ll love Lucidchart for all the same basis that BambooHR makes your job quiet. See how our BambooHR import can be competent for you and your platoon.
Trial with your org structure
With this integration, you can automatically induce a dynamic org map and also drag and drop shapes to reorganize brigades, make out temporary brigades, or plan for new gift as your company scales. Our smart org map shapes will automatically connect direct reports to directors to maintain a clean layout.

Overlay fresh hand data .

Beyond names, positions, and prints, you can include other data from BambooHR on your org map, including the hand’s department, hire date, and pay rate. Keep all necessary information in the same place and make further data- driven opinions.

Note druggies can only pierce data that they’ve authorization to view in BambooHR.

Partake your org map externally Lucidchart allows you to partake your proposed structure fluently with stakeholders to gain the necessary steal- heft. Partake your org map directly in Lucidchart, with edit, comment- only, or view-only access, or bed it into PowerPoint, Word, Google Drive, or other popular apps with our integrations.

Do n’t have a Lucidchart account? It only takes a nanosecond to subscribe up for a trial.

And once you ’ve registered, you can use Lucidchart for your other HR requirements. Diagram your onboarding process or produce a bottom plan to make new workers feel comfortable, not lost. Lucidchart helps you bridge the gap between people and action.

How to induce an org map from your BambooHR data

Our BambooHR integration doesn’t bear installation — if you have formerly inked up for Lucidchart, you just need to follow these simple way in a Lucidchart document

  1. Add the org map shape library. Press “ M ” on your keyboard or click “ Shapes ” in the top- left corner of the editor, check “ Org Maps, ” and click “ Save. ”
  2. From the shape library you just added, click “ Import Data. ”
  3. Select BambooHR as the data origin and enter your BambooHR sphere import BambooHR data into Lucidchart
  4. Log in to BambooHR.
  5. elect the hand information you would like to import, and click “ Import Data. ”( You’ll only be acceptable to import data that you have authorization to use.)
  6. Choose whether to produce one org map for your entire association or separate org maps for each job title, department,etc. and also click “ Finish. ” Pro tip You can also open this Lucidchart tutorial to follow beside right in the editor! And now you have a professional org map that you can edit to reorganize brigades, plan for new hires, and overlay important hand data. From this point, you can use the editing console on the left side of the editor or simply move shapes around the oil. Lucidchart will automatically connect direct reports to their directors and acclimate the layout. Your org map will stay neat and presentable with little trouble. moving org map shapes in Lucidchart Lucidchart leverages the data present in BambooHR to save you hours of time. produce an emotional organizational map and suppose visually to plan for company growth and optimal operations. Get started moment with our in- product tutorial.

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