NowInfinity : How To login the Standard Company

Introduction :NowInfinity

China Development Bank and Clal Industries are back the Infinity Group is a private equity fund. Amir is Gal-Or The head of Infinity Group . Infinity Group manages RMB 10 billion and 100 portfolio companies, through 17 local RMB funds throughout China.

Tel Aviv is headquarter of with offices in Beijing and Changzhou and Chengdu and Chongqing and Harbin and Hong Kong and Hongze and Jining and New York and Nanjing and Ningbo and Shanghai also Shijiazhuang, Suzhou, Suqian and Tianjin and Xiamen and Yangzhou. Moreover In 2004, the firm partnered with China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Ventures Company Ltd., or CSVC, to establish a $15 million Infinity-CSVC fund. In 2006, the firm established the $300 million Infinity I-China fund also the successor to the Infinity-CSVC fund and its second Israel-China fund.


Initial Public Offerings : NowInfinity

On December 30, 2013, Infinity portfolio company DCITS, a Chinese IT service provider, had an A-share listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange via a reverse merger between DCITS and Shenzhen Techo Telecom. WLCSP is the first company with foreign co-founders to have gone public in China. Infinity is among the co-founders. Infinity and partners from Shell Case and Jerusalem and Israel, at the end of 2005 purchase WLCSP was founded with the IP license .


For login in NowInfinity read below information step by step :

  • Go to Create Document
  • Choose Standard Company under the Company Formations section

Note :

the price may vary depending on ASIC. To check the company registration fee, you can visit Starting a company

After ticking the Standard Company from the Menu page, you will be redirected to the Interview Form.

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