How to The sign now company

SignNow is the university’s approved electronic hand software operation. TheE-signature Service provides a secure operation that enables druggies to electronically prepare and shoot university business documents for the purpose of requesting and carrying digital autographs and other information on those documents. druggies can upload colorful types of document formats(e.g., Google, Word, Excel, pdf), also prepare the uploaded document for donors to enter any necessary information(e.g., name, date, other information, initials).

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SignNow Primary Features

Prepare and shoot Documents in a Many Clicks
Word cover Documents to Authenticate Donors
Admit Dispatch cautions and Track Document Status
Set Options to give Donors with Reminders
Store Documents Securely
Automatically Maintain an inspection Trail History
Plus further


TheE-signature Service- Sign Now operation is available for use by active U-M staff, faculty, experimenters, and scholars associated with all University of Michigan premises ( i.e., Ann Arbor, Dear born, Flint, and Michigan Medicine). sign now company


At the present time( i.e., plans include FY23 and FY24), ITS is covering the charge of this service for lot druggies; still, in the future, there may be a per- document charge, so an approved Shortcode is needed in order to gain access to the operation. sign now company

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