How to the Dstv now login kenya

Dstv now login

Dstv [] Code Activation Process, Pairing Guide, FAQs

Offers wide range of packages to suit you and your whole Dstv family’s vie

wing needs.

Discover the best local and international blockbusters, must see TV shows, Sports, Kids and Entertainment at your home.

You can Watch in any Screen including Mobile Phone, Laptop, Tablet and Smart TV.

Here is the step by step guide how you can login and connect to via your mobile, tv, laptop, tablet.

comes with 5 packages named Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access.

Go Throught he Rates of Each package mentioned below. So, you can enjoy your favorite shows in south africa.

 If you facing Login, Connection, Activation Code or any related problem in any of the listed package, go throguh the step by step guide mentioned below.

Premium Package – GHS 430 Per Month

Compact Plus Pack – GHS 265 Per Month

Compact Pack – GHS 179 Per Month

Family Pack – GHS 90 Per Month

Access Pack – GHS 50 Per Month


What is Now.DStv.Com ?

Now is an online Entertainment platform where you can enjoy your favorite TV Channels and shows online from anywhere by just using your internet connection.

 Yes, You can watch it from Smartphones, Tablets, Computer, Laptop and TV from anywhere by using single login.

 You have to Download to your Androir or iOS Smartphone if you wants to use it from mobile or playstation or xbox.

Many People are facing issues while login into their account using /tv link. The Activation of Now device is just simple as mentioned below.

 Just enter the login details or security code and you are good to go with it.

How to Activate Dstv ?

Follow the Simple step by step guide to login to

1. Go to DSTV’s Official website and Signup for it

2. After signup you will get an Activation Code for your DSTV.COM Account.

3. Go to your Smart TV, Laptop, Smartphone or any other device and install DSTV App.

4. App is available on App Store, Download, install and Open it.

If you wants to Pair up Decoder and Smartcard but facing an Error while pairing it.

Here is the guide how you can achieve your needs.

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Pairing Decoder and Smartcard | How To

Setup Pairing Screen is used for Pairing your smart cards with the decoders.

If the Single STB Exists in a system then the pairing can be done implicitly.

But for more than 1 STB, the smart cards and decoders are paired explicitly.

  • Retrieve Customer details like Customer Name, Available Smart Card and Decoder Details appeared in Pairing details table.
  • Click Add Link in Pairing Details Table
  • Click on the Smartcard Code Drop Down and Select the Type of Smart Card. Select the required number to be paired with decoder.
  • Click the Decoder Code Drop Down and Select the Type of Decoder. Select the required number to be paired with the selected smart card.
  • Click on Save button to pair the selected smart card with decoder. Your pairing is Successful.
  • If you wants to cancel the Existing pairing, Select the Check Box Against the Pair and Click the Update Link. Finally, Click the save button to remove the pairing.
  • If you wants to modify the existing pairing, Click on the Edit Pencil Icon against pairing. The Pairing details will appear in Edit mode. Modify the details and save it for successful modification.

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