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Try the following steps: Evidensia

Remove all text after in the web address bar Evidensia

Copy the above web address and paste again in a fresh browser tab Evidensia
If this doesn’t work try again after restarting the browser
It says I’m logged in but I can’t get anywhere
It’s possible you have been set up with the wrong credentials. You will need to raise an IT Support Call to fix this.Evidensia

It says my user credentials are incorrect Evidensia

Are you going to the correct login page? It should be: Evidensia
If you are still having problems after checking this then please raise an IT Support Call for assistance.
The account creation process seems to consist of several steps asking me to login to a Hotmail, Outlook

other Microsoft account I had years ago. What’s going on?Evidensia

If you have ever used your email address as a ‘password reset’ for a Microsoft related account (even years ago) the on-boarding system ‘knows’ this and wants you to login to that account in order to continue with the process. To continue, you will need to login to the old Microsoft account as instructed (and reset the password if needed). From there you should be able to complete the process and access the Intranet. The slideshow below illustrates this scenario. If you are unable to access the Intranet after following these instructions please Contact IT Support.

Still unable to access the Intranet? Contact IT Support Evidensia

If, after looking at the above suggestions you are still unable to access your new Intranet account, you may need some additional help. Please raise a support ticket by emailing Please include as much information as possible including screenshots if you can.

You can also call IT Support on 01225 489810.
I can’t change my personal details on my department’s ‘Who’s Who’ page?
Some users will have a profile available in two different areas:
Their personal User Profile page

An entry on their department’s ‘Who’s Who’ page Evidensia

This is where the content owner of the department has chosen to include this person’s bio on the department’s Who’s Who page as part of their work. This is separate from the personal User Profile and can only be edited by the department’s content editor or the Intranet Manager.

If you have a bio on a ‘Who’s Who’ page and you see something that needs changing raise a support ticket using this email address:

You can also call IT Support on 01225 489810.

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