If you want to the manage or make changes to your Sky account, you can be now do it all via in the My Sky app for a iPhone and Android. Here is how it works and what you will be need to the log in to your Sky account

Managing to your Sky account is a relatively simple. All you need is the email you signed up for to your Sky account with and it is a associated email. Once you have in these things you have two ways of the managing your Sky account:

What is My Sky Login?
If you are not sure what your Sky login is, you will be need to open up your email and find an email from Sky. Your Sky login will be the email you signed up for in the service with. And to your password will be a associated with that account.

If you have lost to your password or cannot remember, no problem. You can be request to a new one and it will be a sent to the email you signed up with. To request a new password for your Sky account, follow in these steps:


Go To Sky’s Website
Enter to Your Email Address In The Login Section
Select, Forget Password
Then, Enter to Your Email And Sky Will be Send You A New Password

You can be now use that password to login to your Sky account via to your computer and also with to your phone via in the My Sky App.

My Sky or My Sky App – Which is Best?

The My Sky App – Get It For a Android or iPhone
Both work fine, allowing you to the manage to your subscriptions, view bills, make adjustments to your account, and much more. For most people, using in the My Sky app for a iPhone or Android will be likely be the easiest method for a managing to your account, so let’s cover that off first.

What is The My Sky App?
The My Sky App is an a application for a iPhone or Android that can be a downloaded onto your phone and is used to manage to your account. The app can be a downloaded via Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Once you are logged in, you can be manage to your account, add to a subscriptions, cancel subscriptions, and the access deals on things like a broadband and TV and film packages.

In a addition to this, you can use in the My Sky App to the troubleshoot problems with a Sky’s dedicated support team. Most use in the app to the manage and keep tabs on their accounts and manage in their bills – you get a full breakdown of your Sky bill each month.

If you are used to using in the Sky website to the manage your Sky account, in the app is well worth a look. It is a nicely laid out and has all the features you will be find inside Sky’s main website. And because it is on your phone, you can be access it anywhere which is a handy if you are away from a home and need to the check something.

Sky VIP Rewards
You also have a access to the Sky VIP inside in the My Sky App. If you are planning on a sticking with a Sky for in the long haul, it is a definitely worth signing up for a Sky VIP – you get access to the more and more rewards in the longer you are a Sky user.

Joining Sky VIP is a completely free, you can do it inside in the My Sky App, and the rewards are broken up into a several tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

You get to a free reward for a signing up to the Sky VIP and then a new reward every week for in the duration of your membership – this can be a anything from discounts to free movies and deals on broadband.

I have a included a breakdown of the how Sky breaks up it is a Sky VIP membership below:

My Sky App Features
We have now covered in the basics of how to the log in to your Sky account, how to get a new password, and how to the download and login to the My Sky App.

Now let’s cover what features you get a access to inside the My Sky App.

Smart Broadband Features – If you have to your broadband with a Sky, you can be use in the My Sky App to the troubleshoot any issues you might be a having with to your internet. The My Sky App can be run diagnostics on your home network and suggest fixes for a any problems you might be a having.
Trouble-Shooting Problems – Inside in the My Sky App, you will be also find a ‘Fix a problem’ icon where you will be find myriad user guides and instructional videos on how to the fix some of the most common issues experienced by a Sky users. The guides are detailed and easy follow too which makes this a great resource to have access to.

Loyalty Program – The My Sky App is the home of the Sky VIP, Sky’s rewards program for it is a customers. In order to the sign up for a Sky VIP, you need to download in the My Sky App and activate it inside the app. Once you do this, you will be a start receiving rewards each week.
Manage Your Sky Mobile Account – If you have to a mobile device with a Sky Mobile, you can be manage to your account inside in the My Sky App. You can be a view bills, make adjustments to your account, and access deals and add-nos that are exclusive to the Sky Mobile members.


Wrapping Up…
That just about a wraps things up. You now know how to the login to your Sky account. You know how to the reset to your Sky password. And you know how (and why) you would use in the My Sky App to the manage to your Sky account.

Because Sky offers to a full package of the services, everything from a TV services to the broadband and mobile phone contracts and data plans, in the My Sky App is a invaluable if you are fully embedded in the Sky ecosystem.

Even if you are not, and you only have a TV services with a Sky, it is a well worth using in the My Sky App to the manage to your account as it gets you access to things like a Sky VIP and it allows you to make changes to your account on the go.

If you would like to know more about Sky Mobile, check out our full review of the Sky Mobile for a broader overview of it is a PROS and CONS.

And for the latest deals on Sky TV packages, check out Sky’s latest offers and deals – some of them are really impressive.

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