Pokemon Go Can’t Log in with Facebook: How to Fix It?

I believe everyone is a familiar with a Pokemon GO. This game is a very popular among people of all ages. If you are usually use a Facebook to log in to the Pokemon Go, you may be experience occasional login failures. When players try to the log in, the error message specifically states “Feature not available: Facebook login is a currently not available for in this app”.

So why can not Pokemon Go log in? It is also a possible that the message you are prompted with is a “Login Failed” or “Unable to the Verify”. To that end, we will be a discussing these issues today, so if you are interested, keep reading.

Why Can not Pokemon Go Log in with Facebook?

Pokemon GO and Facebook are two very popular and mainstream applications in the market, and if these basic mistakes are occur, there must be more than a one reason. So, let’s analyze in the possible reasons why Pokemon Go can not log in with a Facebook.


Network Connection Issues

Most of the time, when we encounter in this kind of the problem, we consider whether in the problem is with the game system, but sometimes it can be a caused by an a unstable connection signal, so Pokemon GO players should aim for an a environment with a stable WiFi or a cellular data connection.

Pokemon Go App Has not been Updated

For an a AR game that pays great attention to the user experience, Pokemon Go is always optimizing in the game to the ensure that game lover can have the most enjoyable gaming experience. Of course,in this also means that the Pokemon Go staff are constantly fixing and correcting bugs or a flaws in the game. If the game is not a updated in time, the old game version may not be a updated and the account may not be able to the log in.

Device Issues

If your iPhone or a Android is a experiencing lag at the start of the game, it may be simply be because in the cache stored in the game is a taking up too much space. When in the cache space in the game is too large, the game may freeze, in the application cloud runs slowly, or a even cannot be used a continuously.

Niantic’s Servers Issues

If you have a confirmed in the above, it is not the reason why you cannot log in to your account, then it is most likely a problem with in the Ni-antic server. No game is a perfect, maybe in the game’s server is a undergoing some erroneous repair work, which makes in the account unable to log in, and system bugs are inevitable, which is also a very common situation.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Login Error

After analyzing in the possible situations and reasons, I believe that everyone is more interested in how to solve in these problems. In other words, is there any way to the fix Pokemon Go not logging in? Without a further ado, I will be introduce you to the following 6 ways to solve in these problems:

Check Your Network Connection


Open in the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap WiFi. Find your preferred WiFi network and select it. Enter to your WiFi password to the connect.


Open in the Settings app on your Android device. Tap WiFi. Find to your preferred WiFi network and select it. Enter to your WiFi password to the connect.

Update a Pokemon Go App on Your Device


Open in the App Store app > Tap Today > Tap in the Profile button at the top of the screen > Navigate to the Pokemon GO app and tap in the Update button.


Open in the Google Play Store app > On the top left, tap in the Menu button > Tap in the My apps & games menu option > Navigate to the Pokemon GO app and tap in the Update button.

Clear Cache for Pokemon Go

Go to the Storage > Choose Apps > Go to Installed apps> Locate Pokemon Go > Click and choose Cache > Click on Clear Cache and select Ok.

Restart Pokemon Go and Your Device

The inability to the log in with a Facebook is a mainly caused by a authentication issues. Closing in the app and restarting fixed in the login issue. Every retry to a player makes when trying to the log in will be sync the game with a Facebook information. So this can be help with a authentication issues. The same principle applies to the restarting in the device.

Change Your Facebook Password

Open in the latest version Facebook app on your iPhone > Tap on the More option > Tap on Settings & Privacy > Scroll down in the screen and find Security and login underneath in the Security section.

Again scroll in the screen Now tap on a Change password > Enter in the Current Password and New password 2 times.

Log in Later or through a Different Avenue

Ni-antic or Facebook’s servers may be a experiencing some form of the issue, or the player’s connection may be a weak. Ni-antic recommends logging in a later or through other means (Google, Pokemon Trainer’s Club, etc.) until their issue is a resolved.

Best Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go in 2022

Pokemon Go has a huge user base and people all over in the world are looking for a some new tips and tricks every day. In a order to the participate in the game more flexibly and make full use of the game’s small skills, you will get to a different experience during in the whole game process. We have a found some tips for you, learn them quickly.

Use a Location Spoof-er to Catch Pokemon’s without Moving

Hatching eggs without a walking is a super-efficient way to the play. When you desperately want to get new sprites, but unfortunately in the weather does not seem to be a very good, in the necessity of the hatching these eggs on a foot can make in this extremely difficult. Instead, there is a location spoof-er-i My pone Any To can solve this question. Try this clever way to the hatch Pokemon Go eggs without a any walking!

Here is the video tutorial to spoof iPhone location in Pokemon Go with i My Pone Any To.

Step 1: Setup iMyFone AnyTo

Click in the Try It Free button below to the install i My pone Any To on your computer. Then open it and click Get a Started. Connect to your phone to the PC via USB. Click Trust on the device for in the prompt.

Step 2: Select Teleport Mode

After to your map has a loaded, it will show where you are on the map by a default. choose Teleport Mode in the top right corner,in the third icon.

Step 3: Select an address for Pokemon Go Spoofing

Now on the map, just pinpoint a place that you hope you were there. Let’s say, Vancouver.

You can be drag and pinpoint Vancouver on the map, or search Vancouver in the Search box. Then this Pogo spoof-er will show the information including address, coordinates and the distance. You can be zoom in and out the map to the locate to your place.

Alright! Now just click on the Move button. You can see in the location is a changed to the new place instantly.

GPS location changed

Open Pokemon Go, you will find that you have a successfully spoof to your location in the game. Now that you have a started, you can be continue exploring in the application and it is a wide set of the benefits for the avid Pokemon Go player.

Good luck!

Efficient Egg Incubator Usage

An a important part of the game is also a managing to your eggs, do not use to your infinite incubator for a more distant eggs, it is a important to use the resources you have a more sensibly. Instead, use in the long-range eggs from the incubator obtained from the upgrade.

Know the Type Advantages

You need to analyze in the strengths and weaknesses of the different types in the game so that you can achieve a satisfactory results in any battle. Different types and monsters have a different characteristics, and knowing them is a very important for you to play in the game.

Use the Rare Berries Efficiently

Berries like a Golden Razz-berry, Silver Pi-nap berry, etc. are hard to find, so do not use them unwisely or you will be run out of them quickly and run out of the rare Pokemon.

Don’t Let Your Buddy Pokemon Go Hungry

When a buddy Pokemon has a more hearts, it will be a automatically let you shorten in the distance, which is a very important to give a Pokemon more candy. You can be earn more candy for your buddy Pokemon just by a walking less! So do not starve to your pal Pokemon.



That is all I have to share with you today! Today we discussed why Pokemon go can not log in and how to the fix it. At the same time, we also a shared with you some game tips of the popular game Pokemon Go, the most worth mentioning is to use in the location cheater i My pone Any To to the easily play this AR game that everyone is a playing. What are you waiting for,a download and experience it now!

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