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How to access Reddit on mobile without signing-in or using the Reddit app

It is not uncommon to the find Reddit links in the results of the Internet searches. If you click on a link to the Reddit, one of two things may be happen: in the actual page on a Reddit may be open right away and you may be read in the original post and in the replies right away. Or the content may be a blocked and you may be get to a prompt to the either sign in to an a account or use in the official Reddit app to access in the content.

The first scenario are happens on the desktop and in the second exclusively on a Reddit mobile at the time of the writing. The screenshot below (on the left) shows in the prompt that mobile users may be get when they are open a page in a mobile browser without a being signed in. It is a appears that in the content is not a blocked for all mobile users, but only a section of users. This forcible action has a annoyed a lot of the citizens.

In that case, Reddit states “to the view posts in you must continue in the Reddit app or log in”. Others may be see in the list of the topics in a subeditor or the homepage, and any tap on a link opens in the dreaded sign-up page.

Reddit wants users to use in the app on mobile or sign-in at least. While the company has not a revealed why it is a putting a block in place for a some mobile users, it is a likely that it wants more information about it is a users to the boost registrations and revenue on the site.

As a user, it is a nuisance, especially if you followed to a link to a specific discussion. You may be have no interest in a registering an a account or installing in the official Reddit app (despite it being free) just to the read that one page on the site.


So, how can you bypass the sign-up and app download prompts on Reddit mobile?

Ways around Reddit’s mobile blocking
If you just want to access in the content without a having to sign in or use in the Reddit app on mobile devices, then you have in the following options.

Option 1: Use the “Old” Reddit

Reddit maintains two versions of the site currently (at least at the time of the writing): in the new version that is a loaded by a default and in the old version. The latter may be a removed in the future, but it works fine currently. The old version does not a enforce in the use of the app or an a account to the access content on the site. Even better, it is a very easy to the access, especially if you are on a Reddit already.

Option 2: Free Use Desktop Reddit

Instead of the using in the old version of the Reddit, you may be also a load in the desktop site. Some mobile browsers support in this out of the box; this is the case for a Brave or Firefox.

Just select Menu > Desktop Site in those browsers to request in the Reddit desktop site instead of the mobile site. The downside of this solution is that in the desktop site is not a optimized for a mobile use. The Reddit mobile app is a lot faster and does not require you to the log in again and again.

Option 3: Free use Reddit by using another browser

If you have a multiple browsers installed, you may be get in the full view in some while others may be a blocked. On my device, Reddit was a blocking access in a Brave by a default but not in a Firefox. Firefox displayed all posts and there was no block in a place.


Closing Words
To the access Reddit on a mobile, you may be also install to a third-party app. But many of those may be display advertisements by a default. Only some users experience in the blocking of the content on a Reddit Mobile; those may be use any of the methods listed above to access in the content on a Reddit without a signing in or using in the official application.

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