1. To access your Sum-dog account you will first need your
    username, password and school code from your class
  2. Sum-dog can be opened either through the web app or a
    windows / desktop app. If you click web app, this will
    open through the internet at www.sumdog.com

3.Click on Log in at the top right of the page You will then
need to type in the login details the same way they appear
in the login card your teacher or parent gives you.

4.Type in your username. Now type in your password.
This is a word followed by a number in lower case letters.
Your school code is gatecrash primary with no spaces.

5.The very first time you log in to Sum-dog, you will
automatically complete a diagnostic test. This will help
your class teacher set the level for your numeracy games.


  1. Sumdog coins will be rewarded for effort and can be spent
    on items in the Sumdog shop. You can buy furniture for
    your house and outfits for your avatar to wear. Double
    coins are rewarded outside school hours!
  2. Sum-dog pets also reward your progress. You will earn
    your first pet after completing your diagnostic test. Each
    time you also master a new numeracy skill, your pet will
    learn a new trick.


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