How to Use Ticktock Without Creating an Account
Ticktock is, without a doubt, an app you can spend hours on and not feel the time pass. You can watch many funny and shocking videos, but if you’re not a fan of creating an account, you might just continue to watch the videos that your friend sends you.

Even though you won’t have access to all the features by not signing in, there is a way you can watch Ticktock videos without creating an account. Keep reading to see where you need to watch those funny Ticktock videos and not give out any personal information.


How to Use TikTok on Your Android Device Without Installing the App
Like other social media apps where you don’t create an account, you’ll notice that your options are limited. But, if you like to watch some videos and don’t mind the limited options, one way to access TikTok is through the web page.

You’ll see options to download the app or create an account if you change your mind. But, if you still don’t want to create an account, as soon as you access TikTok web, you’ll see video after video. You’ll see the like, Comment, and Share options to the side of each video, but remember, you can’t use these unless you sign in.

At the top, you’ll also see a search bar where you can look for a specific account. You can also search by hashtag. For example, you can type #Android, and you’ll see various accounts about that hashtag. If you see an account you want to see more videos, click on the name and see all the videos that person has uploaded.


You can also try looking for those popular videos on YouTube. Chances are that if that video went viral, it’s going to end up on YouTube Sooner or later. You can search for something like, Funny puppy TikTok videos and see what comes up. There’s also the option of asking your friend to let you watch some TikTok videos since they already have the app installed.

You might not see the videos you like on their feed, but at least you don’t have to sign in. How many TikTok videos do you watch¿? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share the article with others on social media.

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