How to Uni-lag Student Portal App UI/UX

Designing the University of Lagos Student Portal Mobile Application Portal


Designing a simple interactive and usable platform that improves students’ access to the school’s information in the University of Lagos.Portal


Students are fac with challenges when trying to complete some tasks on their portal.

URL is complex

To access the portal you need to go through a URL which is not found easily on the school’s website,

which makes students search for the student portal link on the website.

If the student is lucky and finds the link,

he/she will have to save the URL to avoid searching in the future. Most students having a hard time finding the student portal just google it.

Information: The university offers different programs which make the website populated with a lot of information


More than 80% of students use the portal through their mobile phones
A mobile phone is easily more accessible than a PC.
A large number of students don’t have a PC but most have a phone that can connect to the internet
With a mobile application, students can easily log in and manage

their preferences like update their biodata, check results and get official news from the school.


  1. Understanding the user
    I started the research by creating a simple Google Form equipped with questions to understand the challenges better.
  2. Defining
    From studying the feedbacks I got from the survey, I was able to craft out some problem statement to understand the challenges better.
    User + need + reason = Problem statement
    Mariam would like a fast, easy to use platform where she can update her biodata and register her courses because the website gives her problems.
    James needs a platform that gives official school information because he was once misled by information on fancy student group chats that cost him his hostel accommodation.

I was also able to get a clear idea of the various user groups and create

a hypothetical persona bas on the information gotten from the survey.

Visual Design

Top companies invest a lot in their design system which is deeply root in its branding, after studying

and understanding a little about this, I was able to generate a style guide.

Basic User Flow

Here are some screens that show some basic user flow of the application

Conclusion Portal

The power of the media cannot over-emphasized.

A platform where the school digitally meet every student will go a long way in shaping the perspectives of students as well as creating

a unified global community for both the school management and the students.

Information is key. With the platform, students are sure to got only authoris and authentic information from the school.

There is an estimated number of students that would be on this platform at specific periods,

it should built to accommodate the number of users.

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