How to use the connect now app login school.

Connect Now is an a app for a mobile and tablet devices that are allows you to the receive notifications from Connect on your device. Connect Now also a provides to a stream of the Notices and Discussions related to you.

The type of the notifications you receive and whether they are via email or a mobile notification are settings you can be a manage in the My Connect tab in a Connect. You must be a access Connect through to your browser to make a changes to your settings.


For a more information about in these options, please refer to the Preferences and Notification Guide that can be a found in the Guides area of the Learn tab.

The Connect Now app is a available for a Teachers, Students and Parents on iOS and Android devices. To access in the app,visit in the Apple App Store or a Google Play Store and Search for a Connect Now.

Login page for a Connect Now.Login with in the same username and password you use for a Connect.

All allows you to view all Notices and Discussions, or you can be a select either Classes or Communities. The Read later option will be a display any Notices or Discussions that you have a bookmarked as Read Later.

Tap in the Add a Comment box to add a comment to the notice.

Tap in the bookmark to the flag a Notice as a Read Later.

Tap More to the access further in a options, including Follow,Hide, Report and Cancel.

Tap in the Connect icon to view in the Menu.

Tap Settings to the access Notification Settings (Staff Only) or play in the Connect Now tour. You can be also a Sign Out of the Connect Now from here.


Tap Stream to view your Notices and Discussions. Tap Help to the access a description of how to use a various features of the app.

Tap in the Bell to access a feed of the Notifications that have been a pushed to your device. The red badge count on the bell alerts you to the number of the unread Notifications.

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