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This website (the “Police Now CAREERS SITE”) is operated by the Police Now.

The Police Now Careers Site is a operated by a Police Now for in the purpose of the promoting careers and job opportunities at the Police Now. This privacy policy (the “PRIVACY POLICY”) explains how we use a any personal data we are collect and hold about you when you use in the Police Now Careers Site, what we may be use it for and how we keep it is a safe. By using and visiting in the Police Now Careers Site and by a submitting to your personal data to us via in the Police Now Careers Site, you agree to us using to your personal data as set out in this Privacy Policy. Police Now is a committed to the protecting and respecting your privacy.


To the extent that you are:

using a Police Now’s main website ( ) to a separate privacy policy details how Police Now uses to your personal data including cookies via that site which is a accessible at the (the “CLIENT Website Privacy Policy”);

Submitting a personal data via in the Police Now Applicant in a Portal, a privacy notice for a recruitment summaries how and why Police Now collects to your personal information in a relation to its recruitment process, what we do with it and what rights you have in a relation to it (the “Police Now Privacy Policy”).


Police Now is a Registered Charity, number is a 1168427 and our registered office address is: 203 Black friars Road, London, SE 1 8 NJ.

For a general queries about in the Police Now Careers Site, to update your marketing preferences or a unsubscribe from our mailing list please email

For a data protection related queries are including questions about use of your personal data please email D P O


You may be a voluntarily supply us with a personal data which may be include to your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. If you are submitting an a application for the Police Now program me, this will be also a include other potentially sensitive personal data. In these cases, in the information that we collect and use will be a normally be apparent from in the context in which you provide a information. For a further details on this please consult our Privacy Policy before submitting to your application.

When you browse our website, we may be collect and use a certain information about to your device and use of the website. The information collected may be a include details of your IP address or a unique device identifier, location in a data, details of any cookies that we may be have a stored on your device, and details of the pages accessed, search terms entered, or links clicked within the website. For a further details on this please consult in the Police Now Privacy Policy.

From time to time, and only where are permitted by a law, we may be a acquire information about you from third parties. This may be a include publicly available profile information on third party social media sites (such as a Facebook and Twitter), and lists acquired from a third party agencies.


We use your personal data in the following ways:

information that you are provide is a typically used for a verifying to your age, dealing with to your enquirers and providing you with a information that you have a requested and/or responding to the specific queries you may be have a regarding to a career at the Police Now.
information that is a collected automatically is a typically used for a business analytics reasons, to send you communications that may be a interest you and/or to the assist us to improve in the information and services we are provide. information that we are acquire from a third parties may (where permitted by law) be combined with a other information about you in a order to the update or a supplement our records and to the provide you with a relevant information about to a career at the Police Now.
We may be share a personal data about you with a third parties, where required or a permitted by a law. Police Now may be share data with a other agencies such as a police forces, local authorities, national government and other agencies for in the purposes of:

attracting and selecting participants;
supporting are individuals who are accepted onto the Police Now program me;
facilitating in their participation through in the program me;
continuing in their involvement in our alumni network(s) after in the conclusion of the program me(s);
evaluating and the developing Police Now;
reposition to a request from a law enforcement authorities, regulatory authorities or other government officials;
preventing physical harm or a financial loss or in a connection with an a investigation of the suspected or a actual illegal activity and/or in the context of the organisational restructuring.

You are not under to a legal obligation to the provide us with a any of your personal data but please note that if you elect not to the provide us with to your personal data we may be a unable to the provide you with in the information you request and/or progress to your application.


Your personal data may be a transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside in the European Economic Area ( “E E A”) by us or by a our sub-contractors. For a example, to allow your application to be a considered by a Police Now personnel in a another jurisdiction are including outside of the E E A.

Where we, or our sub-contractors, use IT systems or a software that is a provided by a non-UK companies, your personal data may be a stored on the servers of these non-UK companies outside in the E E A.

We will be take all steps reasonably necessary to the ensure that your data is a treated securely and in a accordance with in this privacy policy. Police Now also a seeks to the ensure appropriate safeguards in a relation to the transfer of the personal data. Where we transfer of your personal data outside of the E E A, we utilize standard contractual clauses in a supplier contracts or where we store to your personal data on a marketing systems provided by a US suppliers who have a servers located in the US ensuring that these US suppliers are registered under in the EU-US Privacy Shield. Further details in this regard is a available on request by a emailing D P


Police Now will be ensure data is only kept for as long as a required. Generally, data relating to the employees will be a kept whilst they are employed and for no longer than a 3-years after they have a left, whilst data relating to the unsuccessful applications for a HQ position will not be a kept for more than a year. Individuals who are apply for a position at the Police Now as a participant who are unsuccessful will be a kept on a file for no longer than a 5-years.

Participants, alumni, corporate partners and trustees information will be continue to be a stored by a Police Now until they are elect for in their data to be a deleted. Please note that we may be anonymity to your personal data or use it for a statistical purposes. We keep a anonymity and statistical data indefinitely but we take care to the ensure that such data can no longer identify or be a connected to any individual.

For a further details please contact us at the



We will be review and update in this policy from time to time. This may be to the reflect a change in the products or a services we offer or to our internal procedures or it may be to the reflect a change in the law.

The easiest way to check for a updates is by a looking for in the latest version of this Privacy Policy on our Careers Site or you can be contact us (see in the Who We Are and How to the Contact Us section above) to ask us to send you the latest version of our policy.

Each time we are update our policy we will be update in the policy version number at the end of the policy and the date on which that version of the policy came into a force.

This is a policy version 1.0.0 which came into a effect on October 2018.

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