Backed by 24/7 Global Operations Support, Trimble’s Real-Time Correction Service Makes High-Accuracy Positioning Easy & Reliable introduces 

Trimble announced the expansion of its VRS Now correction services across mainland Norway and most outer islands.

As part of an ongoing global correction service strategy,

Trimble VRS Now Correction

the company is adding over 400,000 square kilometers (156,000 square miles) to its European footprint,

which now totals 2.5 million square kilometers (975,000 square miles).

VRS Now delivers reliable,

easily accessible, centimeter-level accuracy

that is ideal for professionals in the surveying, GIS and mapping,

construction and agriculture industries, as well as many emerging autonomy applications in the automotive and robotics industries. 

Trimble VRS Now Correction

The subscription service is brand agnostic and works with most GNSS receivers.

It is supported by a global team of GNSS network specialists and customer service representatives around the world—ensuring users have a consistent, reliable,

high-performing service whenever they need it. 

Launching Trimble VRS Now services to Norway significantly expands our correction services footprint across Europe,

offering a robust and reliable accuracy solution to farming,

construction and mapping professionals across the region,”

said Lisa Wetherbee, general manager of Trimble’s Advanced Positioning Division. “Trimble solutions are helping customers optimize workflows, improve productivity and deliver operational efficiency, while increasing user safety.” 

About Trimble VRS Now

Trimble VRS Now offers instant access to centimeter-level positioning tailored to

the users’ geographic location; the service is available around the clock within the network coverage area. With no base station or setup required, it is cost-effective, efficient and simple to use.

VRS provides positioning professionals with instant access to Real-

Time Kinematic (RTK) and Post-Processing (PP) corrections utilizing a network of permanent (fixed) Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). To find out more:


Trimble VRS Now networks are accessible in areas throughout

the U.S. and Canada as well as Eastern Australia and Tasmania

, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic,

 Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand and Norway.

VRS Now subscriptions are available through Trimble’s Authorized Business Partners or Trimble’s online store at:

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