Jamf Connect Login The following steps describe the general process for user creation via Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEEP) or user migration.

Local Account Creation via Automated Device Enrollment

The user follows on-screen steps to complete Apple’s Setup Assistant, and the computer is enroll in MDM.


Jamf Connect Login

The user can do one of the following when the login window appears:

Enter their IdP account username and password. Note: The user may be prompt to authenticate using a multi-factor authentication (MFA) method on another device, if required by your IdP.

Click Local Auth at the bottom of the window and authenticate locally, if a local account was provision via MDM.

If a local account was not provision, the user must create a local account by doing one of the following:

Create and verify a new local password. User are prompte to create a new local password if the OIDC New Password preference key is set to true.

Enter an already existing IdP password. User prompt to enter existing IdP password the Password preference key is set to false.

This ensures that a user’s network and local password are synchroniz during the account provisioning process.

The user clicks Continue or Create Account, and then the computer completes the setup process and loads the Finder.


Local Account Migration

Jamf Connect Login can connect existing local user accounts to IdP user accounts using the User Migration setting.

The following steps describe the process a user should experience when User Migration is enabl.

After Jamf Connect Login is install, the macOS login window is replacE with the Jamf Connect login window.

The user logs in with their network account credentials.

The user is prompt to select a local account and enter its password.

The local user account is connect to the network account.

If the local user account password does not match the network account password, Jamf Connect Login prompts the user to update it.

The local user account password is sync with the network password, and the user is log in.

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