Launched in the year 2009, Kik has become one of the most popular applications.

among teenagers in the United States and Canada.

It is not only popular for chatting but also for its features like stickers, emotions and much more.

These features are distinguishing ones which make Kik stand out from the rest of the messaging apps.

But In this article, I will discuss some common problems

their solutions which are most commonly face by Kik users. Let us begin now:

Must-do Before Fix Kik Not Working Problems

Since Kik’s new update in 2016, the CEO of Kik Messenger has report

a decline in the growth of the application owing to some technical issues which users are facing frequently.

And in 2019, it was said Kik App was on the verge of shutt down according to the news from TechCrunch.

 If you are an avid Kik user, you should backup your Kik messages to computer before it shuts down forever.

When you switch to a new phone, you can restore the backups to the new phone.

Check the video tutorial below to learn how to backup your Kik chat history to computer.

Part 1. How to fix Kik Crashing

If you have recently installed the latest update of Kik on your ios or android phone, then you might have faced the crashing of the app.

If you have faced this problem, then do not worry we will discuss solutions for the same. Some of these tried and tested solutions are:

Close the application forcefully and re-opening the app

This solution can use by iOS users only.

So if you have an iPhone and the application crashes then you should try to close the application forcefully and then re-opening the same on your device.

Update Kik to the latest version

If you have recently updated your ios to 10 or beyond or your android system to 7.0 or more then, you should also update Kik messenger app. This should done in order to maintain the compatibility with the latest iOS or Android interface on the smartphones.


Reinstalling Kik Messenger

The best and the easiest way to stop the application from crashing is to delete and reinstall the Kik messenger.

These quick and easy methods have helped many users to stop the Kik app’s crashing.

Part 2. Way to Fix Video Calls not Working on Kik Messenger

If you are face problems in making or receiv a video call on Kik messenger then, the first thing you should check whether or not you are connect to a stable network and internet.

If you are connect to the internet and still not able to make video calls then you should toggle your airplane mode on and off in your device whether you are using iOS, Android or Windows.

• Restart your device and switch on and off your device’s internet connection and then, randomly access any website to ensure that the internet connection is stable and is working properly.

• Try to force shut the Kik app and re-opening the same again.

• Updating your Kik app and the operating system of your device to the latest release on your smartphone whether it is iOS, Android or Windows.

Part 3. How to Fix Kik Captcha Not Working

Like all other social media applications, Kip users also need to follow certain steps in order to keep out spammers and bots.

However, sometime users face some issues with the verification process.

If you face any issue with the verification process then try following any of the below-mention steps in order to fix the issue:

Refresh the Captcha- If the issue persists and you are not able to log in then you should refresh the captcha using a little circle in order to refresh the same.

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Part 4. How to Fix Kik Not Connecting

Though the application offers a number of special features but there may be circumstances where you may face issues connecting with the Kik messenger app itself.

If any of you faces this issue then you can follow any of these solutions in order to fix the issue:

• Try on and off between your connections by going to the settings menu to ensure the proper stability of the connection.

• switching between Wi-Fi from your mobile data and vice versa.

• off your Switch mobile and restarting the device.

If this also does not work, you can toggle between the Airplane on and off mode in order to make.

sure that the device is having a proper internet connection.

• You should also ensure that the mobile’s operating system is updat and then making sure that.

the Kik Messenger application is updat as well.

Part 5. How to Fix Kik Camera Not Working

• Restart your device- Restarting your device can easily fix the camera problem.

Once the device is restart, you should take a few snaps with your camera first and ensure its proper work

then head over to the Kik app to make sure that the camera problem is fix.

• Permission Change- If the problems still persist, then go to settings and locate the camera app and look into the permissions.

If you have not already authorized the app to excess camera then doing the same.

will fix the issue and to use the same restart your device once and then head over to the application.

• Factory reset- Opt this option only when you are okay with deleting.

everything on your device and this should use as the last resort.

I hope these quick and easy solutions will help you overcome.

the troubles you are facing while using the Kik app.

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