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The Kwatos is part of the Kenya Vision 2030 plan to make trade, customs clearance, competitiveness, and the cost of trade easier and cheaper, and to boost the economy as a whole. The goal of the system is to meet the legal requirements for trade while also giving businesses and other interested parties a single place to go for all services related to trade with other countries. Some of the most important stakeholders of the KNESWS are the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the Kenya Port Authority (KPA), and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). Here are the most important things about the KNESWS.

What is Kwatos login?

Kwatos login is the online login portal for users sign up for this trade service and use it for the better trade in Kenya.

How to Kwatos login

Kwatos login

Go to the kwatos login link Then enter username & password. Click on the “login” button.

How to reset Kwatos login password?

Reset Kwatos login password

If you don’t remember Kwatos login password, you can use this link to reset it

Did you know that KPA has set customer service standards for its business?

When we respond quickly, well, and efficiently to all of our customers’ needs.

Kidima said that KWATOS needs to be supported by skilled and driven port workers. The containers need to be moved from one place to another and scanned.

Two weeks after saying that automation and better software would make services more efficient, the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) turned on the Kilindini Waterfront Automated System (KWATOS), which cost 450 million Kenyan shillings (US$7 million).

Kpa Biller Direct

This page is helpful to the supplier

KPA Tracking

Here’s the link if you are looking for KTA tracking in Kenya

KPA PORTAL Registration

The first step in your application is very straightforward. Find a vacancy that suits your interests and qualifications.

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