Login-How to By pass Windows 7 PC Login Now?


To get starte you need to download PC Login Now from the developer’s website. The download is in the form of a single file name PC Login Now_Full .exe. Double-click on the exe file to extract the ISO image: PC Login Now_Full .iso. Login

Burn the ISO image to a blank CD or DVD using Img Burn,

furthermore Burn CDCC or your favorite CD/DVD burning software.

furthermore and then After that,equally important go to the computer that you’re trying to gain access to and insert the CD into optical drive disc tray, and boot up

moreover computer from the CD to start and run PC Login Now automatically.

Normally, user is require to press any key on BIOS boot screen to boot from CD. If you don’t see this message, or cannot boot from CD, change the boot device priority or sequence list in BIOS to make CD/DVD drive comes on top.

7 PC Login Now?

moreoverthen Once PC Login Now begins to load, equally importantthe first screen you’ll see is boot mode option. Type 1 and press Enter to get it to boot in normal mode. The next thing you’ll see is several lines of text that quickly run down the screen. You don’t need to do anything here.

After the initial startup of your computer and loading of Linux is complete,

moreoverthe wizard of PCLoginNow program should display.

and then Simply click the Next button. and then However,

equally important the mouse might doesn’t workequally important so you have to

furthermoreuse the arrow key on the keyboard to moreovermove the focus to the Next button, and then press Enter key.

The next screen PC login Now will display the operating systems that have recognized itself. Choose a single operating system installation you wish to bypass the login password for and click Next.

Choose a user account, PC Now will display the properties of your selected user account.

To reset the password, select the check boxes for “password is empty” and “password never expire” to remove the existing password.

Exit the PC Now program and restart your computer.

equally important Remove the CD and the system will boot

besides normally from your local hard drive and then You can then log on moreover Windows leaving password field blank.

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