login id and password online platform for booking train tickets. Anyone who wants to book a train ticket on IRCTC needs to be register with the platform. 

Every user is assign an IRCTC User ID and IRCTC Password which is link to their mobile number & email address.

In order to successfully book a train ticket users need to input this User ID and password which is refer to as IRCTC Login.

For user who face trouble while IRCTC login , make my trip offers variety of solutions ,,recover IRCTC username,create new IRCTC username , forgot password . You can check out these flows below.

What is IRCTC?

IRCTC, an acronym for Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation, is a platform for online train ticket bookings.

IRCTC is the only official website of Indian Railways for ticket booking.

With this online platform, the dependence on the middlemen or agents for ticket booking has significantly dropped.

Customers can now pay for their tickets without the discomfort of standing in long queues for hours.

With the help of an IRCTC account, you can now unlock new features with just some simple steps.

Once you put in your IRCTC login details you can browse through every information you need on train ticket booking such as train availability.

train schedule, PNR status, train fare, tatkal train ticket, ticket cancellation, and more.

IRCTC e-wallet

is a useful introduction by the Indian Railways for secure and hassle-free transactions for its customers.

feature helps you with the ticket reservation in a much faster way.

You can deposit the amount in your e-wallet in advance for your future transactions.

Choose e-wallet as your payment mode while booking your ticket and complete the transaction with the balance amount in your e-wallet.

The registration fee for the IRCTC e-wallet is INR 50, and the transaction charges are INR 10 (excluding GST) per booking.

The benefit of having an e-wallet is that even if your tickets are cancel by you or IRCTC, you get an option of crediting the amount back to your e-wallet.

In this way, you do not need to wait for refunds which will take up to 3 to 7 working days.

What is Captcha?

Captcha is a combination of English alphabets (case sensitive) and numbers that is requir for a successful IRCTC Login.

If needed, you can reset the Captcha without reloading the IRCTC Login page by clicking on the reload button next to Captcha field.

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Wrong Credentials

What is bad credentials in IRCTC login?

‘Login failed wrong user credentials’ error message means that there is a problem with I

RCTC Login credentials (IRCTC User ID or password). Recheck your IRCTC User ID and password.

issue remains, you change your password or recover your username

you can create a new IRCTC account by clicking here.


How can I reset my IRCTC password?

For resetting your IRCTC password, please follow the steps below:

· the MakeMyTrip App.

option on the home page (bottom right side of app).

Reset IRCTC password option.

l get a Reset IRCTC password page.

your IRCTC User ID and IRCTC registered Mobile no.

· proceed button.

the new password on your mobile number

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