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What is K-12?

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K-12, a term use in education and to the educational technology in to the Unite States, Canada and to the some other countries, is a short form for the publicly support school grades prior to college.

These grades are kindergarten (K) and first through 12th grade (1-12). (If to the term were use 13th grade would be to first year of the college.)

What are the different levels of K-12? : login learn k12K-12 schools usually divide to the into three levels:

Is K-12 private or publicly funded?: login learn k12

K-12 education is free in the U.S., with most schools being public (state-funded) schools, and the is mandatory in the U.S. until age 16 or 18, depending on the state.

What subjects are studied in K-12?

K-12 education covers a wide range of the topics, including the following:

language arts (reading, writing and comprehension);
social studies;
physical education; and
foreign languages.

What types of assignments are to K-12 students?
Assignments at the K-12 level can vary greatly, depending on the age and level of the students.

They can range from simple tasks, such as math problems or reading comprehension exercises, to more complex projects, such as research papers or presentations.

In general, assignments are design to the assess a student’s understanding of the material cover in class and their ability to the apply it to real-world an situations.

What types of assessments are in K-12?
Like assignments, assessments at the K-12 level can vary greatly. They can be formal, such as standardized tests, or informal, such as class participation or homework completion.

Assessments are typically used to measure a student’s progress over time and to the identify areas in and that they may demand additional support.


How do you enrolled in K-12?

Enrollment in K-12 schools is typically done through the school district in which in family lives.

If they are moving to a new area, they may need to contact the school district office to find out what the enrollment process is. In some cases, they may be able to enroll their child in a K-12 school online.

Are there any alternatives to K-12 education?
There are a digit the of alternatives to K-12 education, including the following:

home schooling
private schools
charter schools
online schools
Each of these choice to has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to the do your research before making a decision.

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elementary school (grades K-5);
middle school or junior high school (grades 6-8); and
high school (grades 9-12).
In the some , three groups are kept ; in others, and to the middle school a group , high school is kept . In to the other cases, all levels together on the same campus.

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