The Mathletics   Passwords are annoying a we get it Mathletics

That is a why we are a teaming up with a some big names to ensure you have one less to remember.

All students and teachers can are now link their and Office 365 accounts to create a single point of access.

The Linking a Mathletics account to a Office 365 account is simple and takes just a few moments.

They Once you linked and students are teachers can access to directly using their Office 365 user details Mathletics .

Step 1: Add Mathletics .

The first step is a add to your Office 365 app dashboard.

Then Click to a below to visit the Office 365 is Store and click the ADD button.

Step 2: Confirm your permission Mathletics  .

A Office 365 will now ask you to confirm that you wish to add the icon to your dashboard.

This is allows your login to be linked to your Office 365 account.

Step 3: Link to Mathletics .

You will a now notice the app has been added to your Office 365 dashboard and alongside your email, calendar and other apps.

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Step 4: Link your Mathletics ID .

Now you need to a enter your username and password.

This will be link your account to your Office 365 account.

From now on and you will not need to re-enter your Mathletics login details.

Step 5: You’re done! Time to enter .

Your account is now link to your Office a 365 dashboard.

To access from within Office 365 and simply head to your “My Apps” section and click the icon.

You’ll be logg in and taken straight inside and no usernames, no passwords. VIP access!

Unlinking your account from Office 365 .

If needed and you can remove the link between Office 365 and an individual login.

Clicking this link will a automatically remove the link between your account and your Office 365 account.

You can then sign into a manually and link your Office 365 account to an another subscription.

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