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Introduction : Microsoft Team

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app built for hybrid work so you and your team stay informed, organized, and connected — all in one place. Tip: Get tech expertise with Business Assist. Connect with our small business advisors for help making Microsoft 365 products work for you and everyone in your business.

Information : Microsoft Team

Developer(s) : Microsoft
Initial release : March 14, 2017; 5 years ago
Stable release :
Android : 1416/ / October 6, 2022; 60 days ago
iOS : 4.10.0 / June 8, 2022; 5 months ago
Windows : / October 12, 2022; 54 days ago
macOS : / October 10, 2022; 56 days ago
Linux : / September 19, 2022; 2 months ago
Written in : TypeScript, Angular, React, Electron
Operating system : Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web
Available in : 48 languages
Type : Collaborative software
License : Proprietary commercial cloud software

About Microsoft Team

Microsoft develop Microsoft Teams is a proprietary business communication platform , as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. Teams primarily competes with the similar service Slack, offering workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration.Teams is replacing other Microsoft-operated business messaging and collaboration platforms, including Skype for Business and Microsoft Classroom. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Teams, and other software such as Zoom and Google Meet, gained much interest as many meetings moved to a virtual environment.As of 2022, it has about 270 million monthly users.

Microsoft Teams

Features :Microsoft Team


Teams allows users to communicate in chats though the use of text and emojis. As urgent or important mark Messages . In August 2022, the chat feature was updated for “chat with yourself”; allowing for the organization of files, notes, comments, images, and videos within a private chat tab.


Teams allows communities, groups, or teams to join through a specific URL or invitation sent by a team administrator or owner.Teams for Education allows admins and teachers to set up groups for classes, professional learning communities (PLCs), staff members, and everyone.


Channels allow team members to communicate without the use of email or group SMS (texting). Users can reply to posts with text, images, GIFs, and image macros. Direct messages send private messages to designated users rather than the entire channel. Connectors include MailChimp, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Power BI and Bing News.

Group conversations

Ad-hoc groups can be created to share instant messaging, audio calls (VoIP), and video calls inside the client software.

Telephone replacement :Microsoft Team

Teams (as an optional extra) supports connectivity to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) telephone system called “calls” allowing a user to use Teams as if it were a telephone, with a number people can call and be able to call numbers.


Meetings can be scheduled and users visiting the channel are able to see if a meeting is in progress. They also has a plugin for Microsoft Outlook to invite others into a Teams meeting.This supports thousands of users that can connect via a meeting link.

Their Live Events

Teams Live Events replaces Skype Meeting Broadcast for users to broadcast to 10,000 participants on Teams, Yammer, or Microsoft Stream.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms split a meeting into small groups.

Front Row : Microsoft Team

Front Row adjusts the layout of the meeting, putting the speaker or content in the center of the gallery with the participant video feed at the bottom.


Microsoft Teams for Education allows teachers to distribute, provide feedback, and grade student assignments turned in via Teams using the Assignments tab through Office 365 for Education subscribers.Quizzes can also be assigned to students through an integration with Office Forms.


Microsoft Teams is based on a number of Microsoft-specific protocols.Video conferences are realized over the protocol MNP24, known from the Skype consumer version. VoIP and video conference clients based on SIP and H.323 need special gateways to connect to Microsoft Teams servers.With the help of Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), clients behind Network address translation routers and restrictive firewalls are also able to connect, if peer-to-peer is not possible.


Microsoft Teams has integrations through Microsoft AppSource, its integration marketplace.In 2020, Microsoft partnered with KUDO, a cloud-based solution offering language interpretation, to offer integrated language meeting controls.In June 2022, an update was released using AI to improve call audio through the elimination of background feedback loops and canceling non-vocal audio.

Operator Connect

In 2021, Microsoft and BT announce partnership to shape the future of voice calling.

How to Login the Microsoft Team ?

Step 1 :

Go to the website of it : Click here

Step 2 :

Click on the SIGN UP FOR Free.

Step 3 :

Microsoft Team

first enter your email address and click on next .

Step 4 :

then they will give you three option like for school , for family and friends or for work and organization . Choose one of them and click on the next .

Step 5 :

After enter your Email password and in the last click on the SIGN IN .

In this way you log in the microsoft team SUCCESSFULLY !

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