Introduction : MY3

What’s My3?
MY3 is a free mobile safety planning app developed in cooperation between the California Mental Health Services Authority and the Link2Health results. With My3, druggies define their network and their plan to stay safe.

Information : MY3

What’s your 3 username?

When you log into My3, you must use your dispatch address or mobile number as your username. guests set their username during My3 enrollment via Three ID.However, you can do this on My3, If you need to modernize your username for any reason.

How do you pay on the MY3 app?

Log into the My3 App. From the dashboard, click on the Pay Now button. Specify the quantum that you wish to pay, enter your credit card details and click Make Payment.

Who owns MY3?

MY3 is possessed and maintained by Link2 Health Solutions,Inc., the director of the public self-murder Prevention Lifeline. It was created in cooperation with the California Mental Health Services Authority and was funded by the California Mental Health Services Act(Prop. 63).

Is 3 a good network?

It’s not the cheapest mobile network, but also the major providers infrequently are. You can get unlimited mobile data on named plans and there are some nice extras around streaming videotape and audio and roving abroad benefits.

Does Three ask for card details?

Likewise, we’ll noway call you to bandy payment details on your account.However, hang up and communicate us directly, If you admit a call from someone claiming to be from Three but you have some doubts.However, make sure to read it over precisely, If you admit a communication about payment issues from us.


Does 3 have unlimited data?

Unlimited data, twinkles and textbooks. No data caps or fair operation policy. All our SIMs are 5G Ready at no redundant cost. Use your phone as a particular hotspot and partake your unlimited data with other bias.

Does 3 give unlimited data?

This 3 Bill Pay Unlimited SIMO plan lets you talk, textbook and use as important data as you want, plus you will get 30 GB EU roving data thrown in.

How long does 3 pay as you go credit last?

All Pay As You Go validations and Add- ons must be actuated within 90 days of purchase. also, some Pay As You Go validations and Add- ons expire within a certain period after activation, for illustration, 30 days.

Who uses 3’s network?

There are presently four MVNOs( Mobile Virtual network Drivers) that use Three’s network, specifically SMARTY, iD Mobile, FreedomPop and Superdrug Mobile. Being a Three MVNO means using the same core network structure, so that means you will get content in all the same places as you would on Three direct.

How numerous guests does Three have?

It’s a attachment of CK Hutchison effects, operating under the global Three brand. Three is the fourth- largest mobile network driver in the United Kingdom, with about 9.5 million subscribers as of 2021.

How do I put plutocrat on MY3 account?

To eclipse- up by credit or disbenefit card, you need a registered disbenefit or credit card. Log in to My3, click Manage cards in the Top-up section and elect Add card. Or you can call 444 from your Three phone. Choose Top- up with a card, also follow the instructions.

MY3 site : Click here

Which type of problems you may face in MY3 ?


The password i was transferred does not work?

The password we have transferred you is made up of uppercase and lowercase letters and figures. You will need to put the exact same combination in as your word. You also will not be suitable to copy- and- bury it, so make sure you class it in precisely.

Do not forget, if you visit My3 on your device my3 or using our App, you will be logged in automatically, so you will not have to class your word in every time.

I can not see the login section of the runner ?

occasionally information stored by your cybersurfer called eyefuls can help our secure login from showing duly. You can fix this by penetrating My3 in your cyber surfer’s private mode

In recent performances of Internet Discoverer, press Ctrl Shift P.

In Firefox 4 and over, press Ctrl Shift P. Or click on the orange Firefox button on the top left wing, also click launch Private Browsing.

In Google Chrome, press Ctrl Shift N. Or go to the top right of your cybersurfer and click the button with either the spanner or the three vertical lines on, also elect New incognito window.

also just navigate to my3 and log in as normal.

Note :

If you are having problems getting into My3 to pay a bill, you may need to enable eyefuls in your cybersurfer settings. For instructions on enabling eyefuls on your cybersurfer, please visit Managing eyefuls.

i have an ipad and can not log in MY3 ?

Unfortunately, we can not shoot textbooks to your iPad. This means that we can not shoot you a My3 password.

If you visit my3 on your iPad, you will still be suitable to do effects like check your balance, see your bills and buy Add- ons. But you will not be suitable to change your address, marketing preferences or EU data roving limits as these settings are password- defended.

still, give us a call on 03333000500( standard rates apply) or 500( free) from a Three phone * and we’ll change these settings for you, If you are asked to enter a word at any time.

  • Calls charged at5.1 p per min from a BT landline, other networks may vary.

i can not find the word textbook communication on mifi or dongle?

Using a MiFi.

still, you can find your textbook dispatches by following these way
If you are using a MiFi.

  1. Connect your computer to your MiFi’s network.
  2. Go to http// 3. home in your cybersurfer. This is your Mobile Broadband dashboard.
  3. Click on Go to inbox.

Using a dongle.

If your dongle brings up a dashboard when you plug it in

  1. Plug your dongle into your computer.
  2. When it says’ Ready to connect’, click Connect.
  3. Once it’s connected, click textbooks.

If your dongle does not bring up a dashboard when you plug it in

  1. Plug your dongle into your computer.
  2. Go to http// 3. home in your cybersurfer. This is your Mobile Broadband dashboard.
  3. Click on Go to inbox.

i can not find my phone or device number?

still, pick your device type and follow the way below, If you need to find your Mobile Broadband device number.

MiFi or dongle.

still, just connect your computer to your MiFi’s network, and also go to http// 3, If you are using aMiFi.home in your cybersurfer. You will see your Mobile Broadband number on the top- left wing of the screen.

still, plug it into your computer, If you are using a dongle.

still, click the My3 account tab at the top, If a dashboard comes up. You will find your number at the bottom.

still, go to http// 3, If a dashboard does not comeup.home in your cybersurfer. You will see your Mobile Broadband number on the top- left wing of the screen.

Android tablet.

To find your Mobile Broadband number on an Android tablet

From the Applications screen, valve Settings

Tap About tablet or About device

Tap Status or Phone identity

You will see your Mobile Broadband number listed under MDN or Phone number.

Windows tablet.

To find your Mobile Broadband number on a Windows tablet

From the homescreen, swipe inward from the right edge to open the menu and Tap on Settings.

Tap Change PC settings and then Tap on Wireless .

Click on the 3.

You will see your number listed next to Mobile number.

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