now card login;

now card login

Regions Now Card ®

This re loadable Visa ® repaid card is a smart way to control your plutocrat. It’s safer than cash and it’s easy to use nearly anywhere Visa ® dis benefit cards are accepted. Plus, there are no overdraft freights.

fiscal perceptivity

Visit Perceptivity by Regions for tools, tips and calculators to help you manage your plutocrat, track your spending and save for your future.

Cash Back prices

Earn cash back on eligible purchases made with your Now Card when you spark offers in Regions Online or Mobile Banking.

Customize Your Card

Use Regions YourPix Studio ® to customize your card. It only takes twinkles and you can choose an image from our library or use your own.

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Accessible Account Management

now card login

Manage your account online, and bank when you want with Digital Banking and access to over,900 ATMs across Regions’ 15- state service area.

Card Security

Regions Disbenefit and repaid cards include chip technology, the global standard for increased security. Use your card at sharing merchandisers and in chip- enabled outstations worldwide. And to reduce the threat of fraud on your Regions cards, use Regions LockIt ®, which gives you the power to customize when and where they can be used.

Community Involvement

We believe in giving back to our communities by supporting original associations and giving our time and bents. We indeed give associates a paid day off each time to levy with a cause of their choice.


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