How to make login opinionnow .

Register with opinionnow! As a registered tester at opinionnow we will invite you regularly to interesting surveys on various topics.

Our customers are from the sectors of branded goods media and services.

You will see products and concepts of tomorrow first and will be ask for your opinion on them.

A Besides that by the fee you can also pay off a part of your monthly online costs.

We offer compensation on the PayPal accounts of the interviewees.
We pay for your opinion!

In compensation for your effort you get an incentive.

For a 30-minute-interview you can count on equivalent with up to 5 GBP / 7 US-$ !

Your opinionYour opinion is important to us! All interviews are subject to the rules of law about data privacy.

Please notice that the questions for the registration are for classification purposes only.

Your personal details will not be passe onto any third party.

Your interview answers will not be analyse in conjunction with your name and address.

The Furthermore your registration and participation in surveys are free and voluntary.

The App opinionnow .

To download the app, click the iTunes icon and Google Play icon according to your operating system.

Gain rewards for sharing your opinionnow .

Each time you participate in a survey we credit points in your panel account.

These can be exchange for a reward of your choice.

The more you participate the more you earn. Let your Opinion Now make you happy!

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Share and inspire .

Share your opinion and inspire some of the world’s largest brands to make their products and services better and deliver quality results.

It is free easy and safe to join Opinion Now.

Let your Opinion Now make a difference!

Your registration & participation is voluntary.

Download the App .

Take surveys anytime, anywhere & make your opinion count
Stay in control of your surveys and take them anywhere.

It’s easy to earn rewards with OpinionAPP!

Available for Android and IOS

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