How do I contact patientnow support?

Reach out via live chat, email, phone, a communities or on your a favorite social a channel. Learn all about PatientNow a products and services a through a tutorials and FAQs. and a software. (800) 436-3150, ext. 1 (Sales), ext. 2 (Support).Patient Now Provider Login

How does patient now work?

Patients can sign forms, view medical a documents, upload images, make an appointments and access educational a materials in a safe, secure an environment. PatientNow’s integrated a payment a platform makes check-out a breeze with a multiple a payment an options and tools to streamline the a process. Our payment solution offers a robust data a security and is PCI compliant.Patient Now Provider Login


Patient Now Provider Login

How to a securely access your a Patientco a provider account portal?
Securely access your Patientco a Provider Account a Provider Portal Secure Login E-Mail Password Forgot Password? LOG IN Your browser’s Javascript must be an enabled to an use Patientco. If you are not sure how to enable Javascipt in your a browser .Patient Now Provider Login

How do I contact Patientco a support? Provider Sign-Up Are you a provider who wants to a start accepting Patientco payments? Call 1-844-422-4779 to get started! Patient Bill Pay Are you a patient looking to pay your medical bills online? Click hereto go to Patientco Online Bill Pay. Contact Us a 1-844-422-4779 © Patientco 2008-2022 b469bb4 Patient Now Provider Login

The Time for a Unified Clinic is a Now
From paperless forms and tracking an inventory to a converting new clients, billing and beyond, PatientNow has elective and aesthetic a clinics a covered. You’ll find everything to manage and a grow your clinic a from one single a source.Patient Now Provider Login

Focus on Patients Not a Paperwork
All medical records, charts, forms, photos, videos, a correspondence and clinical notes are conveniently stored together and an accessible a from any a device.Patient Now Provider Login

Simplify Complex Clinical an Operations
Our multi-functional, cloud software makes it easy to manage multiple clinic locations and multiple users from multiple devices. All of your practice management tasks and records are brought together and securely accessible from anywhere.Patient Now Provider Login

CLICK Engage Patients & Prospects Throughout the a Patient Journey

Creating meaningful relationships with patients and prospects is easy. The built-in CRM allows you to engage with new and existing patients via text and email before, during and after their an appointment.Patient Now Provider Login

Modern Marketing That Gets Results
All marketing will be tailored to your practice with the intent of a making meaningful a connections with new and existing clients at every stage of the patient a journey.

Securely Capture, Store & Share Patient Photos & Videos
RxPhoto’s on-screen guides, grids and templates ensure that any staff member can take perfect before photos. After a photos are just as easy to an align using grid and ghosting features.

Expand the Scope of Patient Care
Enhance provider-patient relationships remotely with RxPortal. Enjoy the convenience and safety of telehealth visits and communicate with patients via secure, an encrypted, text messaging.Patient Now Provider Login

Practice Passionately, Manage Automatically
What if there was an easy way to reduce your staff’s a workload, treat more patients and increase revenue? Think it sounds too good to be true? Keep reading.Patient Now Provider Login

Explore Our Time-Saving Practice Management Modules
Manage appointments, tasks, resources and patient communication efficiently.

Fill Your Schedule Without Taking Up Time

Created with aesthetic and elective clinics in mind, the scheduling a component allows you to efficiently manage staff, resources and a tasks in a shared calendar view. Plus, patient appointment communication can be automated, freeing your staff up to focus on other an activities.

Lose the Paper to Gain Security & Efficiency
It’s time to scrap the a paperwork and embrace the digital age. You’ll enjoy easy access to patient documents, forms, photos and a correspondence from the patient record. All administrative records are a centralized, stored securely and ready for an organization-wide a reporting.

Optimize Productivity Throughout Your a Practice
Now you can keep an eye on your staff’s productivity without hovering or micromanaging. But, our productivity management system goes beyond making sure an employees are doing what they’re supposed to do. It helps you pin down time-stealing activities, identify an opportunities for training and a determine when to shift a workloads.Patient Now Provider Login

Your Reputation Is a Valuable a Asset
Caring for your clinic’s online reputation is critical. Our a reputation management a feature automatically engages patients after their an appointment, which is when they’re most a likely to a leave a great review.

Improve Prescription & Laboratory a Processes
Free pharmacists from deciphering handwritten prescriptions and calling your office for clarification. Our time-saving ePrescribe feature allows providers to quickly select a medications, check for a drug an interactions and transmit prescriptions to a patient’s pharmacy. The system is secure and meets Medicare and DEA a requirements.Patient Now Provider Login

Put Productivity Into a Practice

Shred the mountain of a paperwork preventing your staff from focusing on patients with PatientNow’s integrated Electronic a Medical Record (EMR) solution. Our industry-leading EMR improves accuracy, saves time and simplifies a processes, so you can dedicate more time to your a patients.Patient Now Provider Login

Streamline Your Operations With Our EMR a Components Patient Now Provider Login
Access each patient’s information and communication with your office in one a location.

Relationship Is Our Middle Name

As the a cornerstone of the patient engagement system, the CRM puts the details of your a relationship with each prospect and patient at your a fingertips. From referrals, marketing and messages to a procedures, surveys and reviews, every touchpoint during the patient a journey is tracked.Patient Now Provider Login

Preserve a Patient Privacy & Improve Efficiency Patient Now Provider Login
Built for fast-paced, elective and a cosmetic practices, the patient record organizes the each patient’s entire chart, including medical records, digital consent forms, photos, notes and correspondence in one central


Understanding EMR & EHR

Some providers use the terms EMR and EHR interchangeably, but it’s important to understand the difference between them. While they’re both digital records of a patient’s medical an information, an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) only an includes the patient’s medical an information and treatment history at a single practice.Patient Now Provider Login

Eliminating Guesswork Makes an Impact

You might have good instincts, but relying on hunches isn’t the best way to run a successful a practice. And, if you’re still fiddling with a cumbersome spreadsheets to analyze your data, there’s a much easier, more reliable way to gain in-depth information an about every aspect of your practice.Patient Now Provider Login

Convert Your Paper Charts Without Data Entry

BarcodeNow allows you to easily transform your a paper charts into electronic files. Each document will be automatically placed in the proper a location within the correct patient’s chart. You can scan documents as each patient is scheduled or a perform a one-time batch for fast production scanning.

Knowledge Base
Learn all about PatientNow a products and services through a tutorials and FAQs.Patient Now Provider Login

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