Introduction : PC Login Now

What is PCLoginNow?
PCLoginNow is a diagnostic Windows program for system administrators who are trying to get access to a password-protected computer. Instead of having to reinstall the operating system, this application can help you to reset the password as well as as the security settings.

Information : PC Login Now

What is password of administrator?

An administrator (admin) password is the password to any Windows account that has administrator level access.

What is your Windows username?

Type whoami and press Enter. Your current user name will be displayed.

What is a Windows password?

Your user account on a Windows computer should be password-protected. That’s your Windows password, also known as your user account password. When you create a user account on a Windows computer, you can make it a local account or a Microsoft account.

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PC Login Now


Step 1 :

Download PC Login Now

Step 2 :

The file is .iso format. You need to burn it to CD. You can use Nero, ImgBurn or any CD burning software.

Step 3:

Once, you have burn the image on CD. It’s an bootable disc. Insert the CD and reboot the target system. When booting up the system, you must select to boot from the CD which you’ve just created.

Step 4 :

If you see the screen like the figure below, the system is loading from CD. But if the Windows is booting up, you may need to restart and configure your BIOS to make the system boot from CD.

PC Login Now

Step 5 :

Waiting for the CD is finishes loading up the system.

PC Login Now

Step 6 :

You’ll see this screen once it has finished loading up. Click next to continue.

PC Login Now

Step 7 :

It shows all available system. But normally, you should has only one system. Select it and click next.

PC Login Now

Step 8 :

Next, it lists all local Windows accounts in the system. Select the account you want to reset the password. Then, check on “password is empty” and click next.


You can select more than one account by hold CTRL button and select the accounts. Also, you can change other account’s attributes (enable/disabled, lock/unlock and password expire) by check/uncheck the boxes.

PC Login Now

Step 9 :

It asks you if you want to reset another user. Select No.

Step 10 :

Click OK to reboot the system. Don’t forget to remove your CD before reboot the system.

Step 11 :

Now test with the account that I’ve just reset to empty.

Step 12 :

That’s it!. I have reset my administrator’s password to blank and it works. Easy and fast!.

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