Rain pay is a South African-based mobile communications company providing voice, messaging, data, and converged payment solutions.

Users enjoy smart data services which allow for convenient payment of invoices online 24 hours daily.

Since the company is still new how to pay Rain account has become the concern of many customers.

Rain has made instant remittance easy and stress-free by ensuring a smooth and seamless login process.

It is also poised to deliver stable and perhaps unlimited data options for most users in South Africa.

Here is an easy-to-follow outline for remittance procedures that foster Rain login payment and the sign-up process.

How to create an account on the Rain pay platform.

Before you are allowed access to the service provider’s platform as a user you should first have your My Rain login details.

To create an account go to the registration page through rain.co.za, and once the form opens up fill in your necessary details.

Some of the details you would be asked for include the following:

Your South African ID or Non-South African passport A functional email address Active phone number A unique password Billing address.

Once you fill out the details correctly click the “create account” button.

Remember that with your My Rain account you can optimise your signal and stay up-to-date with your bill.

At the same time you can control your spending.

How does payment work for Rain pay?

The service provider offers credit and debit card payments.

These payment options give customers three dates in a month for remittance including the 1st, 15th, and 25th of any month.

Customers can choose from these dates according to their use and convenience.

For example even though the default payment date is the 1st of the month as mentioned above individuals can change.

these remittance dates to a more suitable one.

How to solve Rain’s missed payment issue.

When a customer misses their payment date for the month it means the customer cannot have funds in their Rain account.

Consequently the unavailability of funds means the individual cannot make purchases.

More so, because the company does not offer a prepaid service.

if you use the service for a month and refuse to pay on time the service will be terminated.

But afterwards automatically, payment only proceeds when there is a debitable fund on the payment card.

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How do I make a payment on the Rain app?

Before you can pay using the service provider’s app, you must have linked your card to your account.

Interestingly, you can use either your credit or debit card.

The service provider accepts visa debit and master debit cards.

But then, if you are using the MasterCard make sure it has the 3D Secure.

also known as the MasterCard Secure Code.

So how do I pay my Rain bill online? Follow these steps to make a remittance:

Login to your account through their website or mobile app In the payment method input your credit card details .

Choose your monthly payment date Type the amount you want to pay to your account and submit.

If the transaction is successful your account will be credited and you can start making purchases including data and other subscriptions.

Note that when these cards are attached to your account the card is documented for the account and deductions are made on the card based on the allotted remittance date.

This date of payment or debit can also be changed according to the user’s choice.

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